The Best First Date Tips

best first date tips They say that it is very difficult to understand women and very difficult to please them on a first date but this is not the case. All you need to do is make a lasting impression and win her over.

Rest assured, you will have a smooth relationship. Appeasing her with gifts and chocolates will never truly impress her unless it is accompanied by feelings of love, compassion, understanding and sensitivity.

Being able to bond with a woman at an emotional level on a date is something few men can comprehend and understand. Women tend to communicate in an indirect manner whereas men tend to get straight to the point. Finding a successful middle path is what you should strive for.

Men should keep their sexual expectations on the back burner and spend more time in knowing and understanding their date. Let sex not be the focus of your date. Focusing on a physical connection as the only thing that matters is not going to help you win her over. Here are a few pointers.

The Best First Date Tips

A Sense of Security

Women want a sense of safety and security from their man. Women don’t want a man who is a he-man but someone who will stand by them and stand up for them. Women value men who stick to their word, are punctual, chivalrous and are able to fulfill promises.

Self Confidence

Women don’t care much for super-hot looks or stupendous wealth. What they want is someone who is extremely confident and self assured and believes that he can do things not only for himself but can also carry out an interesting conversation on a date. It is also important to be well groomed and well dressed so make the effort to spruce up for your date.


Trust can make or break a relationship. This is one thing that remains a binding factor in relationships. It cannot be brought but has to be earned. Hence put in that extra bit of effort to show her that she can trust you even if it is the first date.

Honour and Respect Her

Any woman will be happy with a man who honours and values her taste, opinion and treats her with love and tenderness on a date. Be interested in what she has to say and make eye contact A display of old-fashioned chivalry is an added bonus.

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Be Ingenious

Try pampering your lady love by doing something different and special for her on the first date whether it is surprising her with dinner or taking her out for a drive and ice cream. Forget the tried and tested methods. Help her out in the kitchen if you having a candle lit dinner at home. She will appreciate you all the more for it.

Expressing Feelings

Expressing feelings should not just be the woman’s forte. Women want their men to also be equally vocal when it comes to sharing their joys, sorrows and inhibitions. We want men who like to communicate and who are good listeners.

Spontaneity will be greatly appreciated, so go ahead and compliment your woman all you want. Tell her how gorgeous she is or how gorgeous her hair is looking.

Keeping the above pointers in mind will help you win over your woman on your first date and she will always want to remain staunchly and steadfastly by your side. All women want is to be cherished and loved.