The Best Supplements For Arthritis

 Supplements For Arthritis Arthritis has long been given the tag of being an age related ailment. However, it can create acute discomfort for the sufferer, more so for the elderly who are plagued with severe forms of arthritis like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

While routine medication is prescribed for the treatment of arthritis, most people grossly underestimate the power of supplements that help to give relief from arthritis. Here are some of the common powerful supplements that can give you relief from arthritic pain.

Best Supplements For Arthritis

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

While omega 3 fatty acids sound nonetheless unappealing, they have powerful properties that can do wonders for the bones. The omega 3 fatty acids produce leukotrines, which helps to reduce inflammation and strengthen the joints. This can help to reduce the discomfort associated with the disease.

Best Supplements For Arthritis

The omega 3 fatty acids are found in all cold-water fish like salmon, mackerel and trout. Other sources of omega 3 are flaxseeds, and canola oil. It makes sense to switch over to canola oil from corn oil and other oils. You can also consider taking omega 3 supplements if having all of the above does not appeal to you.

Vitamin C

Supplementation of vitamin C seems to be an effective cure for arthritis. Most of us underestimate the goodness of vitamin C for bone health. Vitamin C produces collagen, which is an important component of joints and also destroys free radicals, which tend to deteriorate joint health.

Orange juice is one of the best sources of Vitamin C. Take fresh orange juice or have some from a carton. Make sure you open the carton of orange juice and consume it within 3 days of opening. Spread out the intake of Vitamin C by sipping on it at regular intervals to promote maximum absorption. Have it in the form of strawberries, lemons, limejuice and gooseberry.

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Vitamin D

This is one of the most important components for joint health as it helps to improve calcium absorption and improve bone health. You can get Vitamin D by just standing in the sun for some time every day.

top Supplements For Arthritis

This is because the sunlight converts the vitamin into a more usable form. Most people suffering from arthritis are deficient in vitamin D, which is vital for bone strength and joint health. You can get your Vitamin D by 15 minutes of sun exposure twice a week or switch over to milky drinks, which are Vitamin D fortified.

Vitamin E

Like Vitamin C, it is an antioxidant and protects the body from free radicals that tend to affect the joint health. Soybean oil is a potent source of Vitamin E.

Therefore, instead of eating Vitamin E rich foods, cook your food instead in soya bean oil, which should take care of your daily requirements. Add nuts to your cereals and salads. For example eating almonds daily will give you vital vitamin E.

Eat Vitamin E foods raw. For example, cabbage can be eaten raw. Boiling vegetables can deplete their nutrient content so make sure you save this water by using it in stews, soups and broths.