The Effect Of Posture On Abdominal Muscles

abdominal muscles exercise In simple terms, posture is defined as the appropriate alignment of the spine along with other joints in the body while in dynamic movement like running, stairs climbing, or static position such as sitting or standing.

The key to maintaining good posture is to maintain a good balance at the center without exerting extra stress on your muscles, tissue and joints.

Some people do not give any importance to the correct posture. They like to sit with their shoulders drooping forward and their backbone tilted forward. Some people don’t even walk straight! If you too do the same then you must understand the importance of posture for a healthy body and healthy mind.

You must understand that your bones, joints as well as muscles are interconnected with each other and hence if there is even a minor deviation in the correct alignment then it can cause multiple problems of systemic as well as muscular-skeletal problems.

Your abdominal muscles play an integral role in the maintenance of appropriate posture. These muscles provide support to the core muscles of your body. They also support your back muscles that contribute in achieving accurate alignment. You need strength, flexibility and stability of your core muscles for performing several activities throughout the day.

If you do not maintain good posture then your capacity to carry out activities such as lifting or running will be negatively affected because of your weak core muscles. Thus, you need to keep your posture good and abdominal muscles strong.

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Basically, we are provided with a strong skeletal system, which helps us in several ways. But most of us usually do not follow correct posture and in the long run do great harm to the skeletal system including other parts of the body. If you maintain good posture then it will help you in preventing your entire body from injuries and will also help you to lead a healthy and happy life.

The Effect of Posture on Abdominal Muscles:

Abdominal muscles, particularly the transverse muscle is responsible for the stability of your spine. It has been recently found that if you maintain slouched or sway back posture then you may suffer from balance problems. This is because in these two types of body posture, there is minimal activity in your transverse abdomen.

Good posture has a number of positive effects on your abdominal muscles. It permits your abdominal muscles to move in all choice of motion such as rotation, flexion, side-to-side and extension. Good posture also allows your abdominal muscles to absorb shock as well as generate force without the help of their neighboring muscles.

But bad posture can cause too much stress to these abdominal muscles, neighboring muscles and joints. This eventually results in pain and additional wear and tear.

If you do not maintain correct back posture then you may be affected by some of the diseases associated with bones. Osteoarthritis and scoliosis are two chief bone diseases that may result due to bad back posture. Both conditions are harmful for your abdominal muscles directly or indirectly.

In case of scoliosis, the usual angles of the spine get increased and hence abnormal alignment is caused. And in case of osteoarthritis, bones may become soft and may also break down.

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