The Essentials Of A 1200-Calorie Diet Plan

1200 Calorie Diet Plan The famous 1200-calorie diet plan is becoming quite a rage amongst avid weight watchers.The diet is a refreshing change from the other existing diet plans. This is because 1200 calories is said to be the optimum number of calories that the body needs to stay healthy i.e. carry out its metabolic functions and still lose weight with exercise.

This essentially means that your health will not be jeopardized if you take a diet of 1200 calories. For men the count goes slightly higher, up to 1600 calories. Going below this is dangerous as the body goes into a starvation mode and holds on to its fat reserves, which means that you will not be shedding any weight.

The Essentials Of A 1200-Calorie Diet Plan

Tweaking the Diet

The only shortfall of this diet is that you cannot cheat on this diet. There is little scope for including your favourite foods. You will have to be strict and stick to non-processed foods and fruits/vegetables. The best part about this diet is that you get to eat a healthy amount of carbs, which gives you energy to exercise and lose weight.

Get a calorie counter at home in order to keep a track of your calorie intake. The benefits of this diet are that it is healthy and helps you to shed weight and keep it off. You can eat whatever you want as long as it is within 1200 calories.

It is, however, more prudent to stick to whole grains, fruits, legumes and veggies which are energizing and nourishing. The only drawback is that you will have to keep a strict watch over your calorie intake and may have to deal with hunger pangs.


3/4th cup bran flakes/oats (no sugar)
1-cup low fat milk
1 banana or an apple


One small cup of green sprouts mixed with chopped onion or tomato or a small cup of bhel/murmura.


One big Bowl of salad containing an assortment of veggies without any salad dressing
One small bowl of moong dal
½ cup of lightly cooked vegetable
1-2 whole-wheat chapattis


One cup of green tea with sugar free and 1 digestive/whole grain biscuit.


Dinner should be optimally had latest by 8 pm. One big bowl of any vegetable. Avoid potatoes. A cup of any soup, One small portion lean meat like fish or chicken.Vegetarians can also opt for a cup of milk at night. The 1200-calorie diet has received plenty of brickbats from people world over, as it cannot be applied to each and everyone across the board.

How many calories an individual minimally needs depends a lot on his/her age and level of activity. This diet also does not explain what happens to the body if you are consuming a 1200-calorie diet and burning 500 calories a day through exercise, which creates a deficit of 700 calories. The impact of this on the person’s health will definitely be far reaching.

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