The Extremely Rare Vintage Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Reference 2438/1

Charlie Sheen has been all over the news these past few months and so were the photos of his Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar watch. He declared that his watch is the sole watch that can keep warlock time.

He also declared through his Twitter account that his $500,000 watch is at least 50 years old. Although the way he brags about this watch in addition to his incoherent rants on TV interviews and on the internet, make it a little hard to believe, there is indeed some truth to what he is saying about his watch. Mr. Sheen is surely one lucky guy to be able to own such a magnificent timepiece.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar

He may be known for his drunken rants but one this is for sure, Charlie Sheen surely has impeccable taste when it comes to watches. The mere fact that he owns a rare Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar reference 2438/1 can attest to that.

Vintage and Rare

The truth is that the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar reference 2438/1 is indeed a vintage watch that was first designed and created sometime in the 1950s. It was one of the most famous and intricate models created by Patek Philippe at that time. In the 10 years that this particular model was in production in the 1950s there were only 200 pieces that were created.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Reference

This particular watch model was designed to eliminate the need for resetting of the date. At that time, the date of most of the watches in production had to be reset each time the length of the month changes or during the leap year. This feature is the reason why it is called the Perpetual Calendar. It is the type of watch that any watch collector would die for to have in his collection.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Reference 2438/1 High Price

The vintage Perpetual Calendars by Patek Philippe are very seldom sold in the market or even at auctions mainly because they are a rare collector’s item. In the rare instance that one such model is sold at auction houses then can be priced as much as $500,000. Those few that are in really excellent mint condition can be priced as high as $700,000.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Reference 2438/1 Features

This rare vintage 18 karat pink gold wristwatch has a sweep center second as well as the moon phases on its dial. It has 18 jewels and has a compensation balance that is bimetallic.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Reference

The dial of the watch is made of matte silver with pink gold numbers and pink gold dauphine hands. There are also two windows on the dial for the month and the day.

Simple Yet Complex

The Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar reference 2438/1 is quite small with only 37 mm diameter measurement. It may be a small watch but the workings inside it are very complex. Its movement is something that is to be admired even up to this day. The case of this vintage is a screw-back. Because of the simplicity in design of this watch only those who are well-educated in the different collectible watches are able to identify the value of this watch as a collector’s item.