The Hamilton Thin-O-Matic Watch Features And Vintage Design

Hamilton, the watch brand, earned a name for itself back in the 1960s when it produced some of the best watches of that time. Today, this famous brand continues to maintain its reputation for producing great timepieces especially with its 2011 BaselWorld release.

This year, Hamilton released a timepiece in answer to the current fad for retro watches, the Hamilton Thin-O-Matic. Back in the 1960s, the Thin-O-Matic was famous for its use of the micro-rotor movement by Buren.

hamilton thin-o-matic

At that time, the Buren micro-rotor was a breakthrough technology in the watch industry. It was used as an inspiration and basis for the conceptualization of the Chronomatic technology that is used in many of the famous watch brands nowadays.

2011 Hamilton Thin-O-Matic Dial

Now the new 2011 Thin-O-Matic is a completely modern watch with all the modern features. Even though it is a modern watch, its design is retro-inspired. The movement used by this new version of the Thin-O-Matic is no longer the micro-rotor but an ETA 2824 which is also a very reliable one. The dial or the face of the watch still retains its simple and clean design.

2011 Thin-O-Matic

The H logo of the Hamilton brand found on the dial of the 2011 version still uses exactly the same font as the one used in the original Hamilton Thin-O-Matic of the 1960s. The dial is available in two types: black finish or metallic finish. This watch is also available in a gold-plated version with either a black dial or a champagne-coloured dial. The sapphire crystal is subtly domed which is almost like the original vintage version.

2011 Hamilton Thin-O-Matic Case Sizes

The 2011 Thin-O-Matic is now available in two types of case sizes: the 42 mm and the 38 mm. Between the two case sizes, the 38 mm is the right size that is common in vintage watches. The 42 mm is a bit too large for a classic dress watch but the big watches are in fashion today. The 38 mm version of the Thin-O-Matic has the date aperture positioned on the 3 o’clock hour marker while on the 42 mm version it is positioned in the middle of the dial.

Hamilton Thin-O-Matic review

The 38 mm case version is a more accurate recreation of the original 1960s model of the Thin-O-Matic. The 42 mm version, on the other hand, has a more modern look since most of the modern watches today have bigger cases. Traditional individuals will most likely choose the 38 mm while the more fashionable ones will choose the 42 mm case version of the Hamilton Thin-O-Matic.

Strap Options

There are various options for the strap of both the 38mm and the 42mm. The 38 mm comes in a coarse textured leather strap made of calf skin while the 42 mm comes in calf skin leather with elegant crocodile skin patterns.

There are also two types of metal bracelets for both the 38 mm and the 42 mm which is the stainless steel link bracelet and the expansion link bracelet. The stainless link bracelet has a more modern look while the expansion link bracelet has a vintage look.