The Ultimate One Hertz Timepieces

Many famous watchmakers made it big in the watch industry through humble beginnings such as plying the trade with big brands before setting out on their own merit.

Hence, a timepiece from a skilled watchmaker is like owning a piece of treasure.

Exclusive Timepieces

The Gronefeld brothers from Switzerland raised the standard on exclusive timepieces with the introduction of a minute repeater feature with tourbillion; the piece is renowned as the GMT06. But their intricate skills brought forth the latest complication watch called the One Hertz.

one hertz watch

These exclusive timepieces entitle the owner and creator ‘bragging rights’ where you can show off to your friends and watch others go green with envy when these pieces hang on your wrist.

Complicated Timepieces

Exclusive timepieces are usually complicated timepieces which refer to extra features besides telling the time. They may contain chronograph and power reserve meter features which further complicate the essence of generating the correct time accurately according to the standard stipulated 60-minute hours and 60-second minutes.

 one hertz Exclusive timepieces

The exclusive One Hertz offers a quartz-watch quality as second hand ticks although it is moved mechanically in an ingenious manner. This is considered a timepiece complication which is noted as “deadbeat” that exists since19th century in all pocket watches. It was Gronefeld which made the bold move of including such a complication into its exclusive timepieces today that moved these pieces up the horological platform.

Unique Timepieces

And there are not many of such One Hertz timepieces as the Gronefeld brothers ensure a mere dozen is sufficient to bring enough attention to it. Moreover, this timepiece crown does not require pulling out for any time adjustment; pushing the timepiece crown allows you to “set” or “wind”.

Durable Timepieces

The One Hertz is made to be durable through a high quality creation process by hand. This exclusive timepiece involves brushing, angling, micro blasting and polishing.

Gronefeld one hertz

A typical exclusive timepiece movement takes an average of two hours; with nine bridges found in the One Hertz timepiece movement, a lot of hours is taken to perfect the Gronefeld exclusive timepiece, the One Hertz. Hence, it goes to say that there is not much to be done on this exclusive ultimate timepiece.

The One Hertz is considered part of the haute hologerie category where it stands tall with other similar collections like the dress watch, the vintage watch, the chronograph or the modern haute horology watch.

Haute Horlogerie

Extracting from the French term, haute equates to high standards; hence, haute horlogerie refers to the highest form of watch-making in today’s standards. Haute horlogerie watches like the One Hertz are often designed and crafted skillfully by hand exclusively through one company.

The One Hertz

However, this craft is always revolving to test new boundaries in designs, materials and techniques. Modern pieces turn to vintage pieces quickly with new techniques and designs. For a serious watch owner to wear a timepiece, a modern haute horlogerie piece is essential in your wardrobe collection.

The One Hertz enjoys the cutting edge of technology and standard which has attracted a large following and host of admirers, even from a distance.