Things To Avoid On A Date For Men

Things To Avoid On A Date For Men First dates can be a total success or a total failure depending upon the kind of behavior you put forward. There are a few restrictions of what you shouldn’t say while on a date. The restraints are valid for both men and women equally. There is a certain kind of behavior a woman expects out of a man on his date with her.

Some phrases or comments can prove to be quite offensive for the woman. So think before you speak! It is very essential for a guy to learn some basic etiquette before taking a woman out on a date. He should be well aware of what a woman wants and what kind of behavior she expects. Try out the following tips that will help you get through your date smoothly and successfully.

What Men Should Avoid On A Date

Its Not Right To Backstab Your Ex

Don’t abuse your ex in front of your date. This might make your date imagine you talking about her the same way in the future. Whether your ex deserves to be abused or not, you keep the conversation light by not bringing her up as a topic.

Don’t Show Her That You Run From Commitment

You should not show your skepticism about marriage and commitment. This gives a hint of bitterness you might have for a long lasting relationship and might sound like a turn off for the woman you are dating. Showing doubts about the constitution of marriage can also make your date believe that you don’t want to open up.

Children Should Not Be The Topic Of Conversation

You should never show your readiness to start a family. It may however sound appealing to many of the women but scary to quite some of them. It’s always better to start a very balanced topic that interests both rather than bringing up topics about the future. You may also sound desperate for children or finicky about you getting older.

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Dutch In Sounds Cheap

The idea of splitting the bill is cheap and despicable. This shows a serious lack of chivalry and courtesy in you. The bill for the fist date is always paid by the gentleman. It doesn’t mean the girl is not independent enough but it shows the good mannerisms in the guy. The man should always know how to treat a lady if he wants many other outings in the days to come.

Never Compare

Never compare a woman to another one especially a new woman to the old one. It is very important for a woman to be made feel special by the guy she is dating and comparison will just prove fatal for your relationship. Some phrases can be considered because of your nervousness but try and avoid all such topics as much as possible. In case of any mistakes apologize at once.

There are many other petite matters that should be kept in mind while taking a woman on a date. Don’t ever comment on her looks or clothes or the way she talks and behaves. This can prove to be really disastrous for the relationship. Try and maintain your calm and see wonders happening on your date!