Things To Consider Before You Get Married

Marriage is the most beautiful thing or relation made by God. It is a very wonderful concept where two people tie knot together and promise each other in front of the whole world to stay with each other throughout the rest of their lives. In a relation where they leave their old world behind and start a new life altogether.

Some couples prefer arranged marriages, some fall in love before and then get married and some date each other for sometime and then decide to take the relation further. Be it any way, Marriage is as colourful as a rainbow. All of us make different plans, dreams and fantasies about getting married from a very early age, and when we happen to meet our soul mate, our life gets changed forever.

Things To Consider Before You Get Married

In my view those people who decide to get married after dating each other for some time, they do it the right way, as they first get to know each other, understand each other well, give each other space and time and when the right time comes, decide to tie knot together. But there are lot many things that both of them consider before taking a step forward:-

Things To Consider Before You Get Married

A Huge Responsibility

Dating each other is far more different than getting married. Marriage brings responsibility in a much refined manner. Things become more complex sometimes after getting married. I am not saying that marriage brings complexions but yes huge responsibilities for both the partners. Wait until both of you are ready to take this responsibilty and do not force your partner to get married unless he/she is willingly agreeing.

Social Pressure

Society plays a great role in whatever we do and what other people want us to do. We do so many things in the name of societial pressure. But do not plan to get married just because people around you want you to do that.

Things To Consider Before You Get Married

You and your partner are going to spend rest of their lives together not the society.So, think wisely and then take a suitable decision. Do not get married just because you are getting older.

Things Will Change

Accept the fact that things won’t remain same after getting married. I am not saying that your world will completly shuffle but yes both of you would need to understand that life is not about going out and having dinner. It would start meaning more to you like now you need to think about the bills, laundry, taking care of small small things and needs of each other.

Be Honest To Yourself

Sit for some time and think in peace that is he/she is the right person I am looking for? Is he/she could become the partner I have always wished for? Am I making a right decision? Would my parents accept my choice? Be honest to yourself and give the right answers. The lives of both of you are involved and do not make a decision in a hurry. It is a matter of spending the rest of your life together, so make a right decision.

Acceptance is important

Accept your would be partner the way he/she is. Do not try to change each other and impose your hard conditions on each other. Few changes are ok. Believe me you won’t be able to enjoy your married life if you try and change your partner. You loved him/her the way he/she is. Dating phase is different, and then we enjoy all the habits as everything was new but marriage is a serious affair. Enjoy each other’s differences and build a strong and understanding relation.

I Will Become ‘We’ Now

Things To Consider Before You Get Married

After getting married your I, Me will change into We. Now it will be Our joys and Our sorrows. And everything will belong to both of you only.

Plan In Advance

Plan all the things in advance. Ask each other prefrences. As none of you would want something to get spoiled.

Talking Is Important

If you have certain dislikings tell your partner in advance. It is better to talk about issues that could create problems in near future. Sort out the differences. And make this a habit of yours to discuss the issues. This habit will strengthen your relationship.

Respect Each Other

Dating and getting married are two different phases. Where dating is carefree and fun, marriage brings responsibility. So, respect each other decisions and never let your partner down.

Space Is Important

During dating time both of you gave ample amount of space to each other. So why not after marriage. Everybody has his/her own likings and one should let others to stay with those things. Let your partner do what makes him/her happy. And plan according to each other’s choice. Do not impose your liking on each other.

So, my friends whosoever are dating and planning to getting married soon, follow these simple yet important instructions to avoid any tension and lead a happy married life. Wish you all Good Luck!