Three Common Causes Of Belching

Three Common Causes Of Belching Belching is something which is extremely common. It affects young people and older people as well. It is a natural process by which the body attempts to get rid of unnecessary gases which have accumulated in the digestive tract. When these gases accumulate in the stomach and the surrounding areas, the person keeps belching till these gases are expelled from the body.

People tend to belch while they are eating. Belching after a heavy meal is also common. In most cases, belching is not a cause of concern as it is a completely natural bodily process. However, if you keep belching continuously, it is important to investigate further regarding the actual cause of the problem.

In some cases, constant belching is an indicator of GERD which is a digestive disorder. Gastritis and ulcers can also cause the problem of belching. Given below are some of the common causes of belching. It is important to discover the cause of the problem in order to be able to treat it.

Various Causes Of Belching

Ingesting Too Much Air

People who ingest too much air on a regular basis tend to suffer from the problem of belching. People who consume carbonated drinks on a regular basis are prone to having such digestive problems. This is because such drinks contain gases which enter into the digestive system and accumulate there. This hinders the process of digestion.


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In order to get rid of these gases, the person belches and these gases are expelled. If you consume such drinks frequently, it is important to refrain from doing so in order to bring the problem of belching under control. Such a problem can even occur among those people who like to chew gum. Excessive amounts of air are ingested while opening and closing the mouth to chew gum. This leads to the persistent problem of belching.

Gastroesophageal Rflux Disease (GERD)

GERD is also responsible for causing the problem of belching. This condition affects the digestive tract of the patient. It also affects the oesophagus in a negative way. GERD causes the oesophagus to remain slightly open even after the person has finished eating. On a normal basis, the oesophagus is covered with a valve-like structure after the person finishes eating.

When the oesophagus does not close fully, small particles of food and some digestive juices make their way up into the mouth again. Since the food is not digested properly, the person tends to keep belching up gases.

Peptic Ulcers And Certain Bacterial Infections

Peptic ulcers can also trigger the problem of belching. When the stomach is lined with ulcers, it is unable to digest the food properly and this causes the problem of frequent belching. Bacterial infections can also hinder the process of digestion from taking place smoothly.

When the food is not digested properly, intestinal gases make their way up through the oesophagus and the person belches. In such cases, it is important to treat such an infection by making use of strong antibiotics. Once the infection disappears, the problem of belching also subsides.

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