Three Major Causes Of Frequent Urination

Causes Of Frequent Urination Frequent urination can be quite an embarrassing and frustrating problem for the people concerned. This problem can affect people of any age group. It affects men and women alike. It often occurs at night when the affected person is fast asleep.

This problem prevents the person from sleeping well at night. People who are fast asleep are woken up when the lower abdominal area and the back start hurting. The affected people also experience a very strong desire to urinate which disturbs their sleep.

In the case of small children the problem can occur when children do not empty the urinary bladder completely while urinating. In the case of older people, it can occur due to the presence of an infection in the bladder or the urinary tract.

Frequent urination is a problem which can be rectified rather easily in most cases. If it persists even after several days, it is important to check for complications.

Major Causes Of Frequent Urination

Consuming Excessive Amounts of Certain Vitamins

There are certain vitamins which cause the production of excessive amounts of urine in the human body. When people consume excessive amounts of such vitamins due to any reason, the kidneys start producing extra urine and this causes the problem of frequent urination. If you notice any such problem after consuming vitamin supplements, it is important to report it to your doctor.

Vitamin c is one such vitamin which causes the problem of frequent urination. Very small amounts of this vitamin can be stored by the body. If a person consumes too much of vitamin c, the surplus amounts of the vitamin are thrown out of the body along with the urine.

Thus, the kidneys are forced to produce extra urine in order to flush out the excessive amounts of vitamin c from the body.

The Presence of an Infection

Most cases of frequent urination occur due to the presence of infections in the urinary bladder or the urinary tract. When the lining of the bladder is inflamed due to an infection, the person feels a constant urge to pass urine. This also results in other symptoms such as burning and pain in the area.

Such infections must be treated before the symptoms worsen. It is also important to consume enough water so as to flush out any pathogens which might be present in the urinary tract. Water also helps to dilute the urine and this eases the symptom of burning.

Concentrated Urine

When a person does not drink enough water, the urine becomes very concentrated. It turns dark yellow in colour and this causes irritations in the urinary tract. In many cases, such people might pass very small amounts of urine but they may feel the urge to do so very frequently.

Such cases are resolved by drinking water in proper amounts at fixed intervals of time. Beverages such as tea and coffee must be consumed very rarely as they tend to aggravate the problem to a great extent. Such beverages must be substituted with pure, clean water as far as possible.