Tips For A Blind Date

Tips For A Blind Date You’re single and ready to mingle. Your best friend sets you up on a blind date. You’re completely taken by surprise. You don’t know what to do. However, secretly, you want to woo your date right off of her feet. What do you do?

Tips For A Blind Date

Don’t Panic

It’s okay to be nervous. It’s completely normal for both the parties, i.e., you and your date. First thing you have to ask yourself is what’s the worst that could happen? The blind date just might not work out; that is all that there is to it.

Don’t Have any Expectations

This is probably the best thing that you can do. Don’t set any expectations for your blind date. It’s bad if you expect too little and just worse if you expect too much. Keep an open mind. Simply think of it as meeting someone new in your life.

Look Your Best

Let aside a date, you have to remember that this is a blind date. She has never seen you before. Shave, get a decent haircut, wear something nice; yet something comfortable. Make sure you smell good. But then again, don’t end up emptying a bottle of perfume. Your date could end up in a sneezing frenzy.

Act Your Best

As soon as you meet your date, make sure you act your best. Be as polite as you can. Things like opening a door for her, pulling a chair for her to sit, etc. can go a long way in making a positive impression. When it comes to paying the bill in a restaurant, offer to pay the check; unless she suggests on going dutch.

Do Your Homework

Approach the friend who is setting you up on the blind date. You need not ask him or her the description of your blind date. Get to know your date’s likes, dislikes, her hobbies, what she does for a living, etc. This information could help you on the topics to talk about should you be out of ideas during the date.

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No Need for Facades

Be yourself during the date. Be honest with your date; lying about yourself or your accomplishments will just end up giving your date false hopes. Don’t go out of your way in doing things just to impress your date.

Remember, this wont be the real you. If you end up doing things that you don’t normally do to impress her, she will have a lot of expectations from you for the next date should you end up liking each other.

Trust Your Instincts

Once you have successfully swept her off of her feet, ask yourself whether you would want to meet this person again. Be honest about letting your date know how you feel.

Do not give her false hopes. If you lie just to make her feel better, your next date with her would simply end up being an obligation for you.

Blind dates are supposed to be fun. If you have enjoyed your date’s company, let her know about it. Express your interest that you would like to do this again.

These dates are all about chances where friends and families get to play matchmakers.  Follow the tips given above and make sure you have fun.