5 Tips For Club Wear For Men

5 Tips For Club Wear For Men

You might have heard it many times that it’s always easy and simple for men to be dressed up than women, but its not true! To look fashionable and stylist, men too need to follow certain fashion rules.While he is  heading to a club or party, he needs to look trendy and fashionable to get the attention of the ladies.

But  men often commit such fashion blunders which make them look like a clown and spoil the charm of their personality, no matter even if the man is too hot or attractive. So we are presenting some fashion tips regarding your club wear which not only give you a cool and fashionable look but also let you be the heart throb of the ladies.

Men’s Club Wear Tips

Try Not To Over Dress

Try to make sure that you are not over dressed in a club. Men’s outfit in a club should be of fun,adventure and hot than formal wears.Corporate or business attire should be avoided in a club.


Club is a place where  people come to hang out or to chill with friends. Formal wear gives a serious and grave look which is  extremely opposite to the mood of a club.It is a place and time where you need to show off the funky and cool side of your personality.

Get The Right Shirt

T shirts are generally not allowed in the clubs, still if you are bold enough to go with it , don’t forget to put on a cool jacket over it .It’s trendy yet safer tips which will work on any man in the club, irrespective of his height and physique.


Apart from this, you can go with a button down shirt or rolling up  of the sleeves up to the elbow, which gives you a confident and winner look.

A dazzling or sparkling shirt, need to be avoided in the club. No matter how much you paid for the shirt,it will make you look cheesy. For a change you may also go for a simple shirt with a blazer over it. Velvet blazers are also very much in  fashion.

Always Opt For Jeans

Though club welcomes everyone including old and young,but actually it’s the place for the youth to rock on. So even the oldies feel young by heart while they come over here,but apart from your heart you need to show off the young ness through your outfits.

jeans wear

Slacks or formal trouser gives you an aged look and shorts don’t fit  in a club,so better you set for jeans. Choose blue or any dark coloured straight cut jeans.While white  jeans can make you look short,the other colours look loud or dramatic. Don’t go with skinny jeans as they  are outdated now.

Choose A Right Pair Of Shoes

Make sure you don’t wear rubber shoes or sneakers in the club, no matter how expensive or fashionable they are. You may put on loafers or an exquisite pair of dress shoes.


Avoid sandals in the club as they are good  at beaches even if you wear them with socks it still won’t work for you. Women while pay attention they  don’t forget to notice your shoes, if you want to win her heart you need to be conscious about your dressing from tip to toe.

Don’t Wear Sun-Glasses Or Hoodies

Make sure you don’t wear sunglass in the club as there is no sunlight, to protect from. A trendy or  fashionable sunglass may give you a cool look outdoor but inside a club it’s a complete fashion disaster and  can make you look cheesy.


Same thing goes with the hoodies,no matter how stylist or attractive your hoodie is but it’s a fashion blander that men often commits, a hoodie is inappropriate in the club as there is no  rain or snowfall that you need to save your hair from.