Tips For Dating And Flirting

Flirting is all about having a little fun but most of the men do not know the tricks of the same and thus often lose out before the fun has even begun. Every man thinks himself to be the most desirable and attractive guy around (which may or may not be true in reality), however, the real trick to be a successful flirt never rests in the looks of that person, and rather depends upon the willpower of saying ‘NO’ to a woman.

Tips For Dating And Flirting

Does it sound confusing? Well, men who are good at flirting are confident and are in full control of their lives. They do not seem needy and can’t be pleased with ease. Every guy wishes to become a flirt and hang around with beautiful women and it is here that this post would come in handy. The tips mentioned below would help you become something beyond what you already are and get to know women like you never did.

Steps For Dating And Flirting

The Approach

No approach means No possibility, thus stop being hesitant and learn to interact with people (mostly women). A person needs to be friendly and caring enough, for girls to fall for him. The approach holds the key to success so learn to do it right.

The Signs

Signals or signs are never like train whistles but are more of a silent nod or a fleeting glance which tells a whole lot more than words. They speak for themselves and thus if you wish to become a good flirt you should try to understand the body language of a woman. Her body language would tell you a lot more about her, than what she probably wishes to share with you.

Verbal Exchange

Tips For Dating And Flirting

You do not need to talk sense when you are with the woman you are trying to flirt with. However, it is the way you phrase your lines that actually matters. It is the way you talk that actually transforms an ordinary line into a clever conversation. Even if the woman doesn’t respond, there lies every possibility that her body language would give you the right vibes.

Body Language

What starts out as an uninteresting line (spoken deliberately), eventually helps in breaking the ice. The physical reorientation of talking, facing each other may take a few minutes or hours depending upon how well you speak.

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Once she takes your bait, the lady and you would be interacting comfortably. A small stare at her (as if you are listening quite well) and then suddenly complementing her once she finishes, is a good way of showing interest.


Once you are done with the previous steps, you would know whether she is ready for the next one or not. This may take a few days to happen as it depends upon various factors. This step requires you to give her a fleeting touch like the brush of hands or reaching for a drink together. Learn not to over-do it. If done properly, it may slowly inculcate the right feelings in her.

Dating and flirting happens to be an art which can only be mastered if you are patient about it. A great first impression when coupled with the right tactics does indeed help people in experiencing an exciting relationship.