Tips For Losing Weight After Age Fifty

Losing weight at any age is a challenging task, more so if you are in your fifth decade. Your body’s metabolic rate slows down after the age of fifty, you are not able to burn as many calories as you consume due to lack of physical activity or may be due to a health problem or you might feel lazier than usual as you grow old.
It is very important to maintain an ideal weight and keep fit after age fifty to enjoy the golden period of your life. Mentioned below are some tips for losing weight after age fifty to get you started.

Ways For Losing Weight After Age Fifty

Tips For Losing Weight After Age Fifty

Cardiovascular Exercises

If you have been leading a sedentary life and want to start exercising then walking is the best way to do it. Walking is an excellent cardio workout for people of 50 years of age. Gradually increase your activity to cycling and jogging. These are weight bearing activities which help to increase blood circulation, burn calories at a faster rate and improve stamina. They strengthen your lumber region and prevent lower back pain and stiffness.

Resistance Exercises

Tips For Losing Weight After Age Fifty

Resistance exercises like weight training help to strengthen the bones and prevent osteoporosis. You manage to lose weight as you burn excess fat by performing resistance exercises. Be sure to do these exercises under expert guidance.

Improve Flexibility

Joint stiffness and limited range of motion is part of growing old. These problems can be effectively managed by performing stretching exercises to improve flexibility. With a flexible body you will be able to do other weight loss exercises more easily and without any discomfort.

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Stretching exercises improve body balance to give stability in your posture. Yoga, TaiChi and Pilates help to improve flexibility and lose weight after age fifty.

Modify Your Diet

Dietary modifications for weight loss after age fifty is essential. At this age you tend to become less active, your lifestyle changes as you near your retirement age. You should eat a low calorie diet comprising of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, especially citrus fruit like grapefruit, orange and sweet lime etc. Include one helping of lentils and legumes in your daily meals to get enough proteins.

Tips For Losing Weight After Age Fifty

Add fibre in your daily diet in form of whole grains like wheat porridge, oats and multigrain cereals to prevent constipation. Eat smaller meals at short intervals to ease pressure on the digestive system. Reduce the consumption of sugar and fats to lose weight. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the factors for weight gain after age fifty. After age fifty most of you would have fulfilled your family responsibilities, this is the time to focus on your physical and mental well being. Reduce stress with alternative therapies like meditation, Pranic healing and yoga asanas. Indulge in a sports activity of your choice to manage weight and to destress at the same time.

Start Slowly

Whatever course you may choose to lose weight after age fifty, do not over do it. Start slowly and gradually increase your activity according to your physical health. Always consult a doctor before joining an exercise regime.