Tips For Men On Safe Sex

Tips For Men On Safe Sex One thing that plays a major role in the life of any man or woman is their sexual life. However, it is imperative to maintain cleanliness and hygiene where sexual intercourse is concerned. With the increasing sexually transmitted diseases, men and women are getting more and more prone to it and the risk factor is increasing day by day.

Since, sex is one of the most pleasurable as well as a required factor in one’s life, the knowledge about proper sexual procedures and the dos and don’ts will help you a long way in keeping yourself as well as your partner safe and protected. One of the important points to note here are that the sex organs of the body is more sensitive and susceptible than others. Therefore it requires proper care.

Where men are concerned, some clean and hygienic sex tips will help them in not only enjoying the play but also prevent problems of STD’s. It will keep you safe from all forms of infections as well as avoid all kinds of embarrassment you might face in front of your partner. Sexual health is also directly related to the overall health of a person. Here is a simple list of dos as well as the prevention tips that men should follow where sexual intercourse and foreplay is concerned-

Dos and Don’ts of Sex for Men

Maintain Penis Hygiene

The first thing that all you men need to keep in mind is to keep the most important sex organ clean and hygienic. Where cleaning the penis is concerned you should start off with the tip and then move on to the glans and the foreskin.

Wash the part thoroughly but keep it gentle. Clean with water until you are assured that the organ is totally clean and free from bad smell and impurities. Lukewarm water will give you better results than the usual water. Also, make sure that the area is free from white substance called smegma before you go ahead with the ‘play’.

Removal of Pubic Hair

Another cleanliness tip for men where sexual intercourse is concerned is the removal of pubic hair from the genital areas. It can either be done through the process of hair removal creams available in the market, shaving or using a pair of scissors for the purpose. It is not only gross to have a bunch of hair in the sexual organ areas but also unsafe and a clear invitation to infections and other problems.

This will also avoid the region of fresh air and can lead to bacteria accumulation and sweat. Trimming the hair down there will make it not only look clean and tidy but also reduce the odor and the itching problems that you might be facing. So go ahead and follow this tip today!

Regular Change of Clothes and Undergarments

One of the simple tips that you can follow for maintaining good hygiene in the sexual organs is to change the clothes especially the undergarments after a hectic schedule or workouts. The sweat might dry off after sometime, but then it leaves back the bacteria on the skin. Therefore, it is highly recommended to change clothes at least twice everyday.

Safe Sex

This will keep your private area free from infections, and prevent the formation of yeast in the area that lead to other serious threats. So all you men out there! Make sure you follow this trend regularly to stay fresh all day long.

The Importance of Shower

It is very imperative to take a shower just before you plan to have sex with your partner. Not only is it important to clean yourself thoroughly with soap but it is equally important to pat yourself dry and leave no traces of moisture in the body that can later on cause bacteria or yeast accumulation. A bad and lazy shower can lead to bad body odor and smelly areas along with dirt which is a big turn off for women as well as completely dangerous for both of you.

Use the soap in the most smelly areas, brush and rinse off well. For this make use of a good quality and antiseptic soap that will kill the bacteria on the skin. These are some more simple ways to take a shower successfully.

Don’t Control the Urge to Urinate

In case you feel like excreting or urinating just before having sex, then do not try to control it. Urinating will only help in cleaning and flushing out the bacteria and toxins that might prevail in the urinary tract. On the other hand if you control the urination it can lead to boost in the formation of bacteria and increase the chances of infection during sexual intercourse. It can also be unsafe for your partner.

Conditions where Oral Sex should be Avoided

For a clean and hygienic sex, oral sex should be avoided in cases if your partner is suffering from boils or rashes near the genital areas or in case you have health issues of boils in your mouth. In both the cases, you are susceptible to infections and diseases. The sores in the mouth can also be a problem for your loved one.

Problems of Tight Fitting Clothes

Tight fitting clothes and undergarments can lead to excessive sweat and accumulation of bacteria in the genital areas. On the other hand, it is advisable to wear natural fabrics like cotton and linen along with loose clothes. Also prefer wearing 100 percent cotton undergarments than synthetic ones. This will give in some fresh air to the sensitive areas and keep it free from health ailments.

Use of Natural Fragrances

You can add on that fragrance to your skin by using natural essential oils in your bath shower. This will not only leave you fresh and rejuvenated but also give you that ultimate smell that will attract your partner to you.

Use these simple and uncomplicated tips on clean and hygienic sex and see how well you stay away from sexually transmitted diseases and infections. This will also safeguard your love from serious health ailments.

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