Tips For Men To Solve The Classic Question Of What To Wear

Mens dressing Tips Men may know the latest and the most expensive answers to the greatest of the world’s problems but sometimes they need A to Z help on what to wear. Monday to Friday goes fine if it’s a formal threaded man but as the weekend approaches, either a man doesn’t care about clothes and loses it or goes on with senseless last minute themes.

He must decide before in the weekdays, in such a case. The trouble is doubled when there’s no perfect woman with him, or she’s there but there’s a desperate need to help her not decide for you what to wear. Women who help their men in choosing their threads also need a break every once a while. Be a man and handle your own what to wear question yourself.

Fashion trends change everyday. The designers rapidly work hundreds and thousands of designs each year, bringing new ideas, new color combinations, props or sometimes entirely experimental concepts. In real life too, trends change by a marginal sale of a new and initially odd product, which becomes a hit, crosses the acceptability line and diminishes once its exploitation can no more let it stay in the market.  And this happens on every level, be it small or talk about big brands.

In this article, we will look at the What To Wear problem in a rather general way. Once we’re through with the basics, we will go to specific categories of the problem.

Before we get deeper into our subject, always remember that you need to update your closet every once a while. Most men don’t do it but a good collection means a good number of options available at a time, and that means good choices made. A good collection of clothes means good company of women.

And now, to make things simpler, we will follow these five basic steps in each dressing situation that is faced:

  • Knowing the theme exactly
  • Guessing what others will wear
  • Choosing stuff and colors
  • Guessing its success and execution
  • Improvisation

Knowing the theme

Think clearly about what should you be aiming at. There is a need to focus on things like this one because what to wear is a big, never dwindling question. Party? Friend’s birthday? Friend of a friend’s anniversary? Boss’s child’s 18th birthday or what exactly?! You must know every detail of where you maybe be going.

Guessing others’ attire

Be mean here and do use your memory. If it’s a friend of a friend’s casual apartment party, you can wear something that is elegant, semi formal and not flashy at all. You don’t want to be there in a green polo-shirt when everyone’s all buttoned up in pure whites, dull blues and cool grays. Be realistic. Going with cool grays and bright whites or anything contrast in such cases is cool.

Choosing stuff

Fit Over Hanging

Make sure that your shirts are ‘hugging’ you, if tight fittings are not your style. Loose and even slightly over-sized clothes are out now, and wouldn’t be back in near future. Do take time while purchasing clothes for your wardrobe. Size is important. You have good options in your wardrobe and of the perfect sizes, and you will rarely feel the what to wear pressure.

Matching uppers and lowers

A very basic rule of getting clothes to look good is that your upper body should somehow compliment and not typically match what you’re wearing below. For example, a polo shirt at the top is good with a complimenting colored cargo. A white collared shirt can be used semi formally with plain dark lowers and casually by folding its sleeves with a dull cargo or a nice pair of jeans below.

Always take somebody along

There is a good chance that you will grab something decent but a person instead of a mirror gives a much better opinion. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a woman. Take a guy who can at least be honest if not really suggest something. You also need to consider what your partner here says. If you get a response something like, ‘ can be better’, then do put some efforts and consider looking for better options.

Taking ideas is not bad; copy-pasting is

Collared shirts can always be experimented with. Take ideas from people around in your friends or colleagues. When something appeals you, observe the details and don’t just notice with an aim to grab the exact same thing. Observe types, type combinations, color combinations, sizes- how well they fit and ask yourself why do you find them appealing or simply what is it about them. Take ideas and apply them your way. Slowly and steadily people may start noticing your stuff and even give you compliments.

Take equal time for shoes

People do notice shoes. Most men don’t bother about their footwear as a complimenting element that can either make your theme a hit or a disaster. Maintenance is also important; a man who cares for his shoes is preferred over a man who doesn’t. While going somewhere on a weekend or a party, once your threads are decided, do give a decent minute to think which shoes will go the best with them. Remember- shoes are important!


If you’re about to carry something new to how you’re usually seen, be confident. You can take a person’s opinion first if you want, and when they tell you it’s alright, use the trust you have in what they say. Your discomfort in the alien fashion will be over instantly on receiving a compliment or two.


There may be times when compliments come with slight suggestions. They need not necessarily be right so consult the person who waits for you outside the trial room. Ask if that is a good idea, try it on if possible, notice the opinions and adjust your dressing science! Taking suggestion, sometimes, gives unthinkable ideas which boost your appearance many times more.

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