Tips On How To Become A Secret Agent

Tips on How To Become A Secret Agent The word ‘Secret Agent’ conjures up images of a man in a black trench coat with turned up collar, a black hat and dark sunglasses. The words have an air of secrecy and mystery about them. To put it in simple terminology, a Secret Agent is nothing but a spy or a secret detective – an exceptionally physically strong and daring person with incredible guts, prepared to take high risks, an intelligent.

A innovative person whose quick thinking and action are well synchronised and one who is able to exercise self control and keep a cool head even when faced with a dangerous situation. He must be prepared and ready for action at any time of the night or day.

Ideas To Become A Secret Agent

Educational Qualifications

A secret agent has to be well acquainted with the work he has to perform after its due allocation. But, for the same, he has to have some particular educational qualifications. For a secret agent, acquaintance with special medicinal terminologies and usage of gadgets is a must.

Educational Qualifications

It’s not necessary for him, but a degree of masters in science with specialty in medicine or engineering would serve to his or her benefit. Other than that, any master degree would suffice for better impression. If you are aiming for the basics, you may begin with a graduation degree as well.

Characteristics For Being A Secret Agent

In some situations a secret agent may be given a future assignment and thus gets an opportunity to prepare himself in advance by doing the requisite investigative spade work. In another circumstance he may need to respond and act on the spur of a moment. In both situations physical and mental agility and speedy response is essential, which are the attributes a good spy will always posses.

Besides the above attributes, a Secret Agent should possess a good education and a sound knowledge of the law and police rules and regulations applicable in the country where he operates. As he may be often required to travel to destinations worldwide, knowledge of some foreign languages together with the laws enforceable in other countries would prove an asset.

Services Provided By A Secret Agent

Secret Agents act as shadow persons as their mission is secretive and most often to unravel a situation cloaked in mystery. He could be engaged alone for the purpose of spying or could be operating as the member of a team. He could be a private detective, either attached to a firm of detectives or operating in his individual capacity.

Services Provided By A Secret Agent

Secret (Service) Agents are engaged for the protection of Heads of State, senior entities in Government, celebrities and an elite individual whose life could be at risk and needs to be protected. Agents could also be engaged in missions involving personal investigations, unravelling financial dealings, frauds and scams and corporate secrets, or the more gigantic political or defence espionage.

In every situation the characteristics mentioned above are the norm. Secret agents on personal missions have to keep a low profile, alter their modus operandi frequently and remain invisible, while their counterparts are visible.

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Treat All Clients Equally

People who utilize the services of Secret Agents could be individuals, the corporate or banking sector, the political system of a country for their leaders or even people engaged in illegal activities. A secret agent does not have to be biased. He has to serve all of its clients with respect, dignity and equality. No prejudice should be formed in executing the tasks given to you.

People Most Suited To Become A Secret Agent

Sharp, intelligent persons and those with plenty of guts, comfortable to operate in a team or, if needed, as a loner as well, and those ready to take risks, even to the extent of losing their lives, would make ideal material for a secret agent. What is narrated in spy stories and even depicted in spy movies is not far from the truth. However, a passion for action, fearlessness and an alert mind are the very basic requisites for becoming a secret agent. To pursue this aim the person must be well grounded and suitably instructed and trained in the nuances of becoming a good secret agent.

The above steps and tips would help you in becoming a really good secret agent. The most important role in being one is not your status but your performance and hence, you must be really prepared to be a die hard secret agent and serving your client or the country. Other than that, all of the above points cover the basic gist for being a secret agent.