Tips On How To Flirt

Flirting is almost a pervasive activity. Every place where there is a bunch of males and females together, flirting is bound to occur. Be it among colleagues or friends or even distant relatives, flirting finds its way. Generally, it is women who are at the receiving end but obviously not always.

Tips On How To Flirt

There are times when handsome men attract a lot of female attention and resultantly enjoy flirtatious looks and compliments.
But there is a thin line of demarcation between being flirtatious and lewd. It is absolutely inevitable for men and women to never step across that line while flirting. In order to make the job easier and fun, presented ahead are a few tips for healthy flirting.

Most Effective Flirting Techniques

Keep It Controlled

It is very important for flirtatious people to not get carried away and keep a check on their activities and comments. Showering reasonable compliments and a bit of playful expression of attraction is acceptable, but it should not become unbearable. Think before you do or say anything.

Keep It Casual

If you just mean to flirt around and do not mean any business with the other person, you should better keep your flirting casual. Never get over-the-top with your flirtatious behaviour. Do not throw yourself on the other person completely. You should better keep your flirting on and off.

Don’t Get Typecast

Tips On How To Flirt

This is the worst that can happen to anyone. To be tagged as a flirt or a Casanova is something you should definitely avoid. Once you are stereotyped as a flirt, even your genuine feelings will be spurned by the people you would seriously feel for.

Avoid Any Discomfort

When you flirt with a boy or a girl, make sure he or she is taking it in the right spirit. Gauge the discomfort in the behaviour of the other person, if any and stop flirting with him or her immediately. Otherwise things can easily turn ugly for you.

Flirt Openly

If you don’t wish to give the other person any wrong signals about your intentions, then make sure you flirt casually in open and in front of other people. Flirting in closed spaces and on a very personal level can raise questions on your character.

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Be Charming

When you flirt with someone, make it a point to act pleasantly and not be imposing. If you flirt nicely, people start to enjoy your casual advances. You can always win the heart of the person you fancy by charming him or her.

Shower Compliments

Complimenting the person you adore is the best way to flirt. Girls especially enjoy being praised by men. Giving decent and cute compliments to the other person on his outfit, hair style and appearance always works.

Look In The Eyes

When you flirt with a person, it is always better if you come across genuinely interested in him or her at that moment. If you are a guy, then you need to take an extra caution about not roving your eyes on the gal’s essentials. Also, checking other people out while you are flirting with someone is the best you can do to be tagged a jerk. There is nothing wrong with flirting; provided it is done in a friendly way and taking a few precautions can ensure that.