Tips On How To Pleasure A Female To The Climax

While both men and women tremendously enjoy having sexual intercourse, the root of the entire experience lies in pleasure. Simply put, sex is one of the most intense ways for our body to achieve physical as well as mental pleasure. It is naturally understood that anatomically men are at the penetrating end and females at receiving end; however this distinction is not related to the pleasure both the sexes achieve during sex.

What men must remember is that the more sexually aroused and pleasured the woman feels the more intense and passionate the entire experience can be. This is simply because a woman who is not fully sexually aroused is more likely to experience pain rather than pleasure during sex, which will not benefit either of the people involved. Hence, paying more attention to your partner will play out to be more beneficial for you in the end.

Tips On How To Pleasure A Female To The Climax

In terms of pleasuring a woman, there are numerous things you can try out and the more time you spend on her body, pleasing her, sexually arousing and fulfilling her, the more she would want to have you, and the more intense your entire experience would be. It is very true that it takes far less time for males than females to “get in the mood for sex”.

As such, if the woman is not in the right mood then it can lead to the downfall of the entire evening. Hence, as a male, it is your responsibility, in this area, to ascertain the fact that the woman indeed desires sex and wants to be sexually pleased. Following that you can begin to sexually explore and arouse her body.

Ways To Pleasure A Female To The Climax

The Kissing

Contrary to belief the act of kissing is not at all exaggerated or overrated. It is exactly as important as it is said to be. For women especially, kissing is how they determine what the man they are involved with is bound to be like in bed. When you kiss a woman, be sure to be confident because no woman likes a man who is not sure about him. Look deep into her eyes so that she knows you would not coward away. Hold her close and press your lips against hers.

Tips On How To Pleasure A Female To The Climax

Always start with a very gentle, slow, and passionate kiss and slowly build the intensity to the point where you start taking each other’s clothes off while still kissing. Move away from the lips and go on to other parts of her body, like her neck, her shoulders, her ears, her cheeks even, and slowly move down her body; however always come back to kissing her on the lips.

Stimulating The Breasts

Most men, after a few minutes of kissing move either to the breasts or the vagina; however this is something every woman expects. The best thing is to be unpredictable. As such after kissing for a while, move down to her breasts and give them a lot of focus and attention. Carefully caress them your hands, move them around, kiss them passionately, keep kissing them, and move your hands elsewhere on her body.

You can even hold her hands back while you kiss her mouth and her breasts back and forth. This will tell her that you are in total control of pleasing her. Caress the nipple and ask her subtly what she likes. Some women are even known to achieve orgasms through ample breast stimulation.

Helping Her Reach The Climax

The most important aspect to remember is that when you are pleasuring a woman she should feel that you are completely in control and aware of what you are doing. Occasionally you should move your hands down the vaginal area and get a sense of how aroused she is.

Tips On How To Pleasure A Female To The Climax

Slowly you can take your strong hand there and start stimulating her vagina and clitoris. Start slow at first and observe hear reactions to your actions. Always remember that no matter what you are doing, do not divert all your attention to just one part of her body. You should be attentive to every part of her body, from her lips to her feet.

Do not hesitate to orally arouse her vagina either. Take your mouth there and use only your tongue to stimulate her vagina, and meanwhile since your hands would be free you can use them to arouse her breasts at the same time. Stimulating all these parts simultaneously is bound to help her reach a very strong climax.

Be attentive to her needs in terms of the pressure, way of stroking, and style you are using because you must stay in her comfort zone of pleasure. If you do something new that does not suit her then it will not lead anywhere. Even if you feel that you are getting tired, just do not stop. You can try varying speeds and pressure but never let the moment die because it will be a very big mood killer. You are free to switch hands but just never quit. Keep going and soon enough she will reach her climax.


Remember that women need to feel physically as well as mentally pleased. It is a combination that is usually beyond the understanding of men, as such, just keep it simple, and play by the “rules”. Own the woman and let her know, not through words, but through your actions that you want her and she is with you. This will make her feel comfortable and happy. Do not hesitate to spend a lot of time on the woman.

No woman would ever complain of a male spending too much time arousing her. Hence, play with her entire body, stimulate every part of her body, talk to her, ask her what she like, and as you do all this just be totally engrossed in pleasing her as much as you possibly can. After she feels pleasures and pleased she will always return the favor by doing whatever she can to make you feel the same way. The rest will automatically fall in place.