Tips On How To Save An Unhappy Marriage And Make It Better

Marriage is the vital event of one’s life. However, most of the time, the marriage turns into an unhappy dead end. If you are trying your best to make a happy ending, then, some tips on how to save an unhappy marriage and make it better can be useful for you.

What Is Marriage

Marriage is actually the everlasting unity of the souls. It is supported by many rituals; however, unless your heart is filled with love, you cannot say that you got married with your partner, right? When one soul meets another soul, the relationship is built in between them and that is known as marriage.

Tips On How To Save An Unhappy Marriage And Make It Better

A married life also includes the emotions and the unity of the relatives of the family to bring up happiness and life by togetherness.

Reasons For Failure In Marriage

There are several reasons why marriage turns into a divorce or is always on the verge of it. Well, the married couples are always burdened about the relationship and they need some guidance about how to take life at ease, isn’t it? Sometimes, the love bond in between the couples is not strong and the interference of circumstances, relatives, friends, society and traditions can also be the reasons for the failures in the marriage. Most of the time, the absence of love, over expectations, too many responsibilities and expectation of freedom can also results in an unhappy married life.

Tips On How To Save An Unhappy Marriage And Make It Better

Our life always has some or the other problems. The result of problems should not end in fears, turmoil and separation. If there is a problem, then, there is a solution. Do you believe in this? Well, if yes, then, some tips mentioned below will help you to find out some way to save your unhappy marriage to make it better.


The couples may lack in understanding one another. The husband may insist that he is right all the time and the wife may not agree to it. Listening to your spouse with a broad and acceptable mind can reduce the barrier between you both.

Tips On How To Save An Unhappy Marriage And Make It Better

Understanding one another’s emotions, thinking, expectations, likes and dislikes brings unity in between the couples. So, if you are not able to understand what your spouse is expecting from you, then, try to understand that to save your married life.

Respecting One Another

Taking decisions in the family with proper understanding can bring some happiness to the couples. Respecting the decisions of one another, listening to them, discussing them and then taking the final decision with the consent of both can result in happy married life.

Generally, one expects respect from the spouse and failure to receive it results in an unsuccessful marriage. So, just listen first, think upon that and give a chance to your spouse to participate in the decisions of the family. That works to great extent to make your married life better.


Being bold and protecting one another is very important. Avoiding the blame games after losing the peace of mind can give you some space to think on the matter. Arguments and quarrels result in destruction. So, if you want to save your marriage and make a new beginning once again, then, learn to be bold enough to bear one another.

It is also very important to be bold enough to ignore the world at this moment because the world has never gone through your situations. So, avoid all the blame games to reduce the shame. Once this is done, you will get freedom from various thoughts forced in your mind by the people of the world.

Keep Love Above All

Most of the time the reason for the unhappy marriages is the expectations that are never fulfilled. The spouse might have several expectations related to social matters and finance. Also, the time you spend on bed, the food habits and the environment in the family are some of the expectations of the couples.

Tips On How To Save An Unhappy Marriage And Make It Better

Keeping love above all will help you understand your partner more and reduce the expectations. True love does not expect anything and is unconditional. So, try to remain unconditional all the time and see the effect of that. It will not only save your married life, but, also add some more sparks to your romantic life.


Consulting with the elders of the family in case of severe disputes can always bring some broad solution for your problems. When elders come together to understand and solve the situation, then, the married couples are bound to think on improving the married life. Happiness comes in bits and pieces and the couples need to understand that by learning it from the parents and relatives.

Be Slow And Steady

All the problems in the world are not solved overnight. It takes time for the human beings to understand the exact problem, solve them and remain stable in the positive results. Thus, taking hasty decisions of separation can never help. Growth, life and love always work slowly and steadily.

Tips On How To Save An Unhappy Marriage And Make It Better

Thus, changing your unhappy married life to a better relationship might take some time. So, do not give up before you have tried to solve the situation.

Be Supportive

Sometimes marriages lack support of one another. You need to find out a way so that you can support your spouse all the time, in case, he or she is lacking in some aspects of life. Marriages result in unhappiness when the wife lacks the support of her husband. Also, when domination of thoughts are repeated, the spouse is forced to give up due to sacrifice, compromising and mental torture.

So, remember that your spouse has the same feelings as you have and be supportive towards him or her to make your marriage life better. Finally, being united all the time is very important, isn’t it? Seeking the guidance and understanding the situation always helps. The above tips on how to save an unhappy marriage and make it better will help you to live a better life. Be happy and God bless you!