Tips On Shaving For Men With Acne

Shaving For Men With Acne If you are prone to acne or suffer from breakouts, your problem is compounded with the use of a razor blade. Razor burns are fairly common on acne prone skin and this can actually compound the problem of closed pores and pimples. Some basic skin cleaning and shaving tips can help you get a smooth shave without having to suffer from breakouts and skin infection. Let us see some of the tips.

Tips On Shaving For Men With Acne

Cleanse Your Skin

Make sure your skin is scrupulously clean before you start to shave. Gently cleanse your skin with a mild face wash. Wet shaving is recommended for men who suffer from an acne prone skin. This will soften the hair and the razor blade will glide on smoother. Cleaning the skin will take care of blackheads and grime that has settled on your skin. This will lead to lesser chances of developing a razor burn.

Shave Carefully

Avoid excessively pimpled areas while shaving. Shave carefully with gentle strokes so that you do not nick or burst the pimples. If you do manage to burst a pimple, simply wipe away the mess with a cotton ball dipped in antiseptic solution.

Make sure your razor is very sharp. Always shave in the direction of hair growth. Choose a thick, foamy shaving cream that lathers well on your skin.

Acne Medications

If your skin has horrible acne, avoid shaving for a few days and treat the skin first. Use a good anti-acne cream containing salicylic acid that will help to reduce the breakouts.

Acne Medications

Once your skin becomes even, you can start shaving again.

Forget The After-Shave

Avoid using after-shave lotion on your skin. This can inflame and irritate the skin. Stick to skin moisturizers. Use gentle moisturizers that will help to soothe irritated skin after a shave. Make sure your cream is not too oily otherwise, it will lead to more breakouts.

Rule Out Rosacea

At times, most cases of acne are confused with rosacea. Confirm from your doctor that you are not suffering from rosacea, which has an acne like appearance. Rosacea can also make you face appear pimply, red and flushed. Seek appropriate treatment if you are suffering from rosacea.

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Use Electric Razors

If you are adept at using electrical razors, go in for a dry shave and use an electrical razor, which will do a better job of removing facial hair without damaging your skin. There are lesser chances of nicks and razor burns with an electrical razor. Also, make sure that your electrical razor is regularly serviced and the blades have not become blunt. Do not share your razor with anyone.

See A Dermatologist

Acne prone skin requires looking into. Make sure you see a good dermatologist who will treat your skin and suggest a good anti-acne regime. Severe acne requires an aggressive approach, which you must consider especially if you do not want to have any problems with shaving. Having a good diet will also make a world of difference in giving you clean, clear and healthy skin.

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