Tips On What Women Want In Bed

Men have often complained that it is hard to understand what women want especially in bed. If you are horny women will interpret it as being too much lustful and if you are waiting for her to make the first move then she may feel you are indifferent or you may have some other problem!

Tips On What Women Want In Bed

Well, it’s not difficult to understand women as all they ask for is romance and passion filled with fun and excitement. Does it sound very challenging? If you use your heart and imagination then this can be a fulfilling experience for both of you. But you should consider giving her pleasure while seeking the same from her. The following ideas can give you an overall insight into what women want in bed thus making you a favorite among the fairer sex.

Things That Women Want In Bed

Enough Foreplay

Foreplay is something which you simply can’t deny your woman. Without foreplay most women won’t be ready or wet to enter a rocking joyride of pure sexual fun. Women have erotic zones spread all over their body which they crave to be touched, caressed and eventually arouse them sexually.

Foreplay can build intimacy without which a woman won’t be ready to be in bed with you. Foreplay can build the passionate momentum between you and your woman as you progress through kissing, hugging, caressing and playing with each other.

A Body Massage

Nothing can be more pampering than a whole body massage for a woman in bed with you and pampering is something no woman can resist. A body massage is a loving way of showing your care and passion thereby making her willing to give you great time as well.

Tips On What Women Want In Bed

A body massage is very relaxing as you both can enjoy discovering each other physically while giving and receiving a body massage.

Cleanliness And Smelling Good

Cleanliness and smelling good are important attributes women take care to have in themselves and therefore appreciate and look for in others as well especially men with whom they would love to get intimate with. Hence, ensure that you take a proper bath before lovemaking and your genitals are clean with fresh smell. Use mild masculine cologne as loud ones will turn her off.

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Appreciation And Attention

Give your total attention to your woman and appreciate her efforts to give you pleasure through moaning sounds. This boosts her confidence and you gain by getting more pleasure from her. Don’t let your attention wander when you are in bed with a woman, that’s the worst thing you can do to humiliate her. After sex don’t turn around and go to sleep but hold her and snuggle for a while.

Good Things Must Come In Small Packages

It’s about the time you take to ejaculate which means you can neither ejaculate very early or very late. Both can be distressing to the woman because at first she takes time to get aroused therefore you have to hold on as long as she is enjoying but if you hold on too long she will begin losing interest and the pleasure will be lost.

Understand How To Give Pleasure And Not Pain

You have to be very careful while stroking or caressing delicate areas like the breast, the nipples or the vagina and insides of it. You can’t be rough and most women hate feeling pain when they want to feel pleasure. You have to be gentle and communicate with your woman by asking her how she feels or if she is alright.