6 Tips To Choose Men’s Belt

6 Tips To Choose Men’s Belt

As a small detail can bring about a great change to your life, so it is also true to the world of style and fashion.A little touch of fashion could affect your entire look either it glorify your look or cause a fashion disaster. Apart from your outfit and footwear, accessories play an important role to define your style mantra. ‘Belt’ is such an important accessory for men, it could transform your simple outfit into a trendy and fashionable one, even it often cover up your body flaws.

It comes in different style, pattern and it can flatter any physical build. From formal to casual you can have plenty of options to choose the right one for your outfit and body shape. Though modern trend is to go beltless still belt gives a final touch to a man’s perfect look. There are numerous sites loaded with thousand fashion tip about belt, to make you confuse, but we are giving some simple fashion tips on choosing belt which not only make you look fashionable but also hide your body flaws.

Different Types Of Belts

Formal Belts

There are certain features which distinguish the formals from the casuals. An ideal formal belt is simple, slender, leathered with a small buckle, which is perfect for corporate or office environment. It doesn’t possess the grandeur of the colours and fabrics, which are the features of a casual belt. Apart from being fashionable, men are often bound to take the advantage of a belt due to his “out of shape body”.

formal belts

It often put them in a dilemma while they buy any trouser or formal pant for them, it doesn’t always fits perfectly on their waist, either they need to find a tailor or the easiest way to buy a belt. The colour of a formal belt needs to be brown or black with a buckle,either silver or gold. Silver buckle goes well with corporate or official look and also fits to other occasion. If you like to be a bit chunkier then slide the buckle.

Casual Belts

The variety and range of casual belts are limitless. You have the freedom wear anything you like, you are not bound to a typical or traditional form of wear so same goes with the belts too. From the aspect of size, colour and style, casual belts offer you countless option to choose from,according to your outfit. Casual belts found to be much wider and embellished with the different fabrics.

casual belt

The buckle also comes in different size and shape from D ring shape to slide buckle, you can pick up the right one for you. You may go for blue or white belt with navy chinos or stone fabric or you may look for one of the colour from your shirt. Another unbeaten option could be a plaited belt, you may also go with this to stand high among the crowd.

Statement Belt

Statement belt is more than just an accessory, it speaks for you. It could turn your outfit from an ordinary to extra-ordinary. With block colour and bold pattern you can make your own style statement bold and cool. You can match the pattern with your outfit as you match your ties.If the belt has the leather buckle then you can match it with your other leather accessories shoe or watch.

statement belts

For colours, you may go for block colours, for a perfect summer look, match something like a white shirt and grey trouser with a pair of loafers. Sometime it also works as a separator from your top and bottom part of your outfit. Though it similar to casual belts but from the aspect of style and fashion it contribute much more than just a casual belt.

Tips to Choose Belts While Buying

Unlike women men have a limited number of accessories like watch or sunglass, belts are also one of them. Men’s belts are generally simple and manly, it gives a finishing touch to a man’s perfect look. There are million belts available in the market but not every belt is suitable for everyone, while choosing belt you to keep certain things in mind, what are they? Let’s check them out

Width Of The Belt

Width of a belt is an important thing to keep in mind while purchasing belts. Generally men’s belts are longer and wider than the belts of women. Your physical structure or build decides the width of your belt, even it’s width also depends on the edges of the loops of your belt.

width belts

If you possess lean body it need to be narrow and wider width suits best the bulky people. In other words, the edges need to be matched with the loops,so the best one won’t be either narrow or broad or wide.

Material Of The Belt

Material is also another important thing to be considered before purchasing a belt. Leather belts are preferred by the most men as it gives a sophisticated and elegant look. Some men choose designer leather belts which are not only made of high quality leather but also costly. But you should always spend bucks on high quality stuffs as it last for long time and gives an idea about your class and fashion sense.

matirial of belt

Poor quality belts are often breaks or get damaged in a short span of time.Now how would you differentiate between a high quality or low quality belts, an easy way is to give a small scratch over the body of the belt if the scratch disappears quickly its no doubt a good quality belt and if the scratch stays for long time then its made of poor quality material.

Size Of The Belt

Proper fitting of the belt on your waist depends on the size of the belt, it need to be according to your waist size, it need not to be either too large or too small. Belts are found in small, medium and large sizes, while small sizes include 30-32 inches,34-36 are medium and 38-40 comes under large size.

size of belt

One should buy a belt 2 inch larger than the actual size of his waist, Suppose if you possess 34 inch waist then you may go for 36 inches belt.

Some More Fashion Tips

• It always good to go with traditional colour like brown or black,instead of wearing dress belts.
• If you are wearing jeans or sneakers you may go for casual looking belts means the belt made of different fabrics.
• Suspenders and belts don’t go hand in hand, so chose either of them.
• If you are going for corporate casuals then the buckle of the belt need to match the metal of your watch,and leather strap should match your shoes.
• A proper size belt need to fill the loops but make sure it should not overfill.