Tips To Lose Weight In 6 Weeks

Tips To Lose Weight In 6 Weeks A college reunion, a friend’s wedding or a long awaited vacation aren’t these a few special occasions when we all sit up and realise that our new year resolution of  eating healthy, getting proper exercise and losing weight is actually biting dust?Don’t panic not everything is lost. You could still lose some weight in these last weeks, provided you are optimistic and committed about it.

In this article, we would read about how to lose weight in 6 weeks, which is no magic but works wonders for your body. At any point during following this fitness regime (yes, focus on being fit, weight lose is mere part of it) if you lose hope or feel it is not going anywhere, bring out the dress that you have bought to wear on the special occasion and remind yourself you need to get in shape for this.

Best Tips To Lose Weight In 6 Weeks

Make A Realistic Goal 

Often people who wish to lose weight make unrealistic goals and get disappointed when they can’t achieve them. Even if they actually lose that much of weight they don’t feel good or energised at all, many complain of fatigue, dryness and dull skin. Do you want to end up looking that? Of course Not!

So, begin with setting up a realistic goal. Experts say that losing about one or two pound a week is quite reasonable and actually healthy way to do it. So by end of 6 weeks you should be 10 to 12 pounds lighter. That’s quite an achievement!

Stir away from negative people and emotions that de-motivate you claiming you can’t do it, it is a tough thing to do, and all that sorts of negative comments. Repeat to yourself healthy living is going to be part of your life and this is just the beginning.

Because this is your first week, list all the things you do and eat that made you gain weight in first place. Try to maintain a diary or even better use your smart phone to write whatever you eat and how many hours you spent just lying on that couch. You will shock yourself when you see that list.

Know your weaknesses ? Be ready to replace them with good diet and exercise regime.

Begin With Eating Right And Mild Exercise

By now you must be aware what exactly are you doing wrong? So begin this week with a vow anything that get into your mouth is going to healthy else it will be re-routed to the garbage bin.Cut down salt, dairy products (Yes! Cheese is healthy but that not for you, while you are still struggling to lose your weight!), alcohol intake. Don’t worry this arrangement is temporary and not for life.

Begin With Eating Right And Mild Exercise

If you have short time and good amount of weight to be lost, a little modification in diet is necessary. You don’t really have to like give up on those, but cut down portions and replace them with healthy substitutes. Can’t start your day with a morning cuppa? Try green tea, not only it is fat burner, it is full of anti-oxidants which will give you a radiant skin. Still craving for your coffee? Make one with toned-milk and restrict yourself to one cup a day. One thing is you have to give up is junk food.  No pizza No French fries No burgers and No carbohydrates after 7pm.

Need Motivation? Go And See That Beautiful Dress Again

While you are working on your getting your diet right, it is high time you give yourself some physical activity. If you are not a habituated to physical exertion, don’t force body for rigorous training at the very begining . Start with something as light and fun as brisk walking, cycling or swimming. Slowly as you build your stamina you could introduce more strenuous exercises that will help you burn more calories.

Right Time Begin Your Cardio

By now you must have already understood how important it is to burn more calories and consume less. This is the only way to lose weight in a healthy manner. Now that you have already completed a week of brisk walking and other simple exercises, you could now start with any cardio-vascular exercise something like aerobics, running on treadmill, jogging, or zumba. Cardio exercises are known to boost the metabolism. Begin all these activities under expert guidance.

Increase your water intake, 8-10 glasses of water in a day, will flush all your toxins out while giving you a feel of full tummy, so that you don’t binge. Make salad, soups, sprouts, cereals a part of your life. Use a different variety each day so that you don’t get bored.

Right Time Begin Your Cardio

By this week, if you are following all the rules, you might have lost a pound or two. Weigh yourself and if you don’t see any difference, stop and review. If there anything you missed? Is there anything you are not doing right? Don’t be disheartened you still have good two weeks. Lost weight?  Celebrate with a bowl of soup; A few more pounds to go.

Throw some weight around. With weeks of eating right and exercising rigorously, your confidence must be soaring and aren’t you raring to throw in some weights into your exercising routine? Ask you trainer to teach you a few exercises involving weights. Doing weights will increase your metabolism for good. Start with basic weight training and slowly increase the duration and its weights. Including weight training in 3 times a week in your exercising routine would convert your fat into muscle and the more muscle you have the more calories you burn.

In terms of diet, as you start weight training, increase your intake of protein. Grilled chicken, egg whites, kidney beans or a whey protein shake would supply you adequate amount of protein shake.

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Increase Your Intensity

On onset of penultimate week, you would want to give whatever it takes to get off those nasty last few pounds. Combine cardio, weight training and keep alternating them so that you don’t get bored. You could increase level of intensity if your body obliges.

Increase Your Intensity

You could also ask your trainer or doctor for meal-replacement shake and have it whenever you don’t have time to sit down for a proper meal. Last few days are toughest to pass and last few pounds are toughest to knock off. Hang on there and don’t lose hope, you will get there by end of this week. Don’t cheat, don’t compromise .Look at the dress once more, a week to go and it will fit you like a dream.

Consistency And Persistence

Following all these rules and diets has not been a cake-walk. You were tempted to give up but you resisted. Congratulate yourself. You are not a quitter. Now as you lose those last one or two pounds, promise yourself that you would never allow them to come back ever again.Make healthy living part and parcel of your life. Remain active and give in to those temptations once in a while.You have earned your healthy body with lots of hardwork, don’t let anything ruin it.