Tips To Make Your Wife Feel Special

Make Your Wife Feel Special Being a parent is the proudest moment in everybody’s life. As soon as the news of pregnancy comes out all the flurry and activities centres on the expectant mother. Everybody is concerned about her well being and she becomes the focus of attention.

A mother to be is in direct contact with the baby in her womb as she is carrying her/him and she feels most excited. As an expectant father your excitement would be no less but you may feel curious and unsure about your role in the new change in your life.

You may feel left out from all the excitement and wouldn’t know what to do? Well! There are many things that you can do to make your wife feel special and help her to feel relaxed and reduce her stress by being a pillar of support to her. In fact your responsibilities increase manifold as you have to take care of the expectant mother along with sharing household responsibilities with her.

An expectant mother goes through a lot of emotional and physical transformations during the nine months period of her pregnancy. If this is her first baby then it is all the more important that the two of you share each and every detail of this joyful experience. That is what a mother to be wants to do; she would want to spend maximum time with you and will like tell to about every little change that is taking place inside her.

As a dad to be you can make your wife feel comfortable by sharing the workload with her, prepare your home and prepare yourself for the bundle of joy that is coming in your life.

How To Make Your Wife Feel Special

You should show your keenness to know everything about the prenatal period and the preparations for the time ahead. Be with your spouse as much as you can, go to the doctor with her for regular checkups. Discuss and plan the baby’s name and plan the nursery decorations for the baby. This will make her happy and you too for it is your child that she is carrying in her womb.

Be supportive to your wife. Pregnancy period brings a lot of mood swings in a mother’s life. You have to be patient and understanding to help get over it and reduce the stress level. Try to keep her occupied in discussions or plan outings once in a fortnight to change her mood. Go out for movies or visit friends on weekends. These activities will keep you in touch with the society and your wife will not feel left out and will be able to share her feelings with other friends who must have gone through the same phase. You will also gain knowledge from their experiences.

Help her with household work which can be tiring and cumbersome. You can go shopping for grocery and vegetables. When she does not feel like cooking at home you can order food from out or try your hand at cooking. This will prepare you for the postnatal period responsibilities also. See your mate’s face lit up when you cook for her.

Help her with the laundry or cleaning the house. Hygiene is very important in the house when you are expecting a baby, because the expectant mother is quiet vulnerable to infections and allergies, you should be particular about daily cleaning.

Tips To Make Your Wife Feel Special

Gather knowledge by reading books or asking the doctor about what to expect when the baby arrives. Educate yourself to help your wife with the baby. Get to know about the things that are required at the time of delivery and the initial requirements of the baby like the baby’s clothes, feeder or toiletry. This kind of advance preparation saves a lot of time when the D day arrives and you will be able to be with your wife at that time instead of rushing to the market.

Join prenatal classes with your wife. This may sound a little weird but it the best way to do your bit for your spouse. These days a lot of prenatal classes are being run for couples to prepare them for the new arrival. A wife is taught about the labour pains and how to manage them and the husband is told about ways to handle the expectant mother at that crucial hour. Both of you should go to these classes and learn the techniques for an easier delivery. It will bring you closer to your spouse and strengthen the bond.

Feel the baby when it makes its first movements in the mother’s womb. This is the best way to connect with your baby. A mother feels it as soon as it shifts for the first time and she would want the expectant father to be a part of this delightful experience.

Read together and gain knowledge to share the facts about pregnancy. Buy pregnancy and parenting books to get first hand information about childcare. This will keep you well informed about the latest happenings and trends about child bearing and child rearing.

Financial planning is the most important agenda for which to prepare in advance. With the growing medical costs you should be well prepared to meet the expenses of the hospital. You can discuss this with your spouse but without putting her under any kind of stress. Plan your budget and start saving as soon as you plan to have a baby. You can also consider various pre paid package options with the concerned hospital.

Give your wife space when she wants to be on her own. Do not feel unwanted if she says that she wants to be left alone. Let her take a nap or read a book or watch TV. You can on the other hand surprise her by cooking her favourite dish.

Pamper your wife by giving her a gentle massage. Rub her feet with mild oil or massage her back to relieve her of back pain that is a common feature during pregnancy. This will calm her nerves and relax her and the baby too.

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