Top 10 Baldness Myths Busted

baldness myths The cure for baldness remains elusive yet very profitable. As the ads in the print media or TV bear witness, every single company offers to cure baldness thus proving that it is one of the no. 1 thoughts men are preoccupied with.

But the actual cure for baldness as well the reasons for it are yet to be discovered. At the same time this has given rise to a variety of urban legends when it comes to balding.

Here are the Top 10 Baldness Myths

Too Much of Hair Products cause Hair Loss

As of now there has been no scientific proof to substantiate this claim. Hence the chemicals in hair products cannot be blamed for causing baldness. So go ahead and shampoo your hair and gel it neatly to look like a stud.

Baldness Happens Only When you Get Old

Balding might happen to you even in your twenties. So there’s no reason to believe that a person starts becoming bald only when he hits middle age. But the sooner he starts being bald the lesser hair he will have over time!

Hair Grows thicker After a Haircut

Hair cannot grow any faster after you get a haircut. So there is no question of thicker or faster regrowth. This is only another myth in the baldness series.

Caps Make a Person Bald

A lot of people suffer from the misconception that wearing caps can make you go bald. Fortunately this is not true. So you can still wear that cap or hat to protect your head from wind, dust, the sun etc or just to look cool.

Excessive Shampoo Leads to Baldness

Keeping your hair dirty and oily can lead to major hair and scalp problems. On the other hand keeping it clean by frequents bouts of shampooing is hygienic and does not lead to baldness.

Top 10 Baldness Myths

Balding is Caused by Stress

Though hair loss as well as graying has been linked to stress but male pattern baldness cannot be traced to stress. So you should still avoid stress for a healthy body and mind and of course a healthy crop of hair.

Balding can be Caused by the Sun or Tanning Beds

Exposing oneself in excess to the sun or to tanning beds might lead to skin cancer etc. But this has not been proved to cause baldness.

Thicker Growth is Possible

There is still no scientific way to increase your original number of hair follicles. So all the medicines and solutions to a denser growth of hair promised are all false. Therefore apart from hair weaving and transplantation there is no way a bald man can get back his original crop of hair.

Baldness Genes are Inherited From a guy’s Mother

A few years earlier scientists had claimed that baldness is inherited from a guy’s mother’s side. But lately this theory has been disproved. So don’t shout at your mother for your balding pate, at least till further proof arrives!

Bald Men are More Sexually Active

There is a wide belief that bald men are more sexually active and are more virile. Though it has been proved that overproduction of DHT can lead to male baldness, there is still no proof that means that bald men will be over sexed.

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