10 Budget Perfumes

10 Budget Perfumes

The personality or uniqueness of a person can be defined by the fragrance he wears. A good perfume can be called a man’s closest buddy. Through the aroma it gives a reflection of your sense of selection, personality and class. A seductive perfume can play major role in turning a woman on towards you. Good fragrance has such strong effect on human sensory system.

Different perfumes at different time convey your standard and fashion mantra. Though there are plenty of perfumes available in the market, from where you can pick the best one for yourself.But spending millions of bucks for buying perfumes is not possible for everyone and it appears as a huge expenditure, so here we presenting top 10 perfumes which not only gives you a different identity by your aroma but are also available in your budget.

Top 10 Budget Perfumes

Davidoff’s Cool Water

This perfume topping the list by the rejuvenating aroma it preserves at the price of 1115 INR which comes within your budget.


Its exhilarating aquatic fragrance stays all day long with you and keep you and the people around you fresh and cheerful. It’s one such perfume which you won’t like to miss in your collection.

Lucky Number 6 

Next comes, Lucky Number 6, its famous for its stimulating aroma which is a nice combo of mask extract and scented spices.It presents a complete perception of a metro city man through it’s fragrance bit classy bit spicy. It leaves a strong effect on you for long time, this Perfume available at INR 1393.


Dark Zone

La Rive presents an explosion of aromatic freshness as Dark Zone. It’s a great combo of Mediterranean citrus extract,lily, hyacinth and the extract of Massoia tree bark.

dark zone

It spreads an unique and attractive aroma that creates a mysterious sphere around you that ladies can’t resist to get in. Its available at 1593 INR.


If you want to entice women then go for ‘Curve‘,its seductive and tempting fragrance creates a spell that women easily get attracted towards you. So don’t forget to finish your make up off by this perfume while you are heading to a date. Its available at 1692.



A hot masculine fragrance from La Rive is H.I.M, it’s a strong blending of earthy aroma and cooling freshness of mint.H.I.M is suitable for the rough and tough personalities.H.I.M is Priced at 1473 INR.



Adidas Dynamic Pulse

This is perfumes gives you a perception about a person of a busy metro city and about an active life. Adidas Dynamic possess cedar leaves, mandarin, and mint. Apart from these it also consists of a good combo of apple and mango extract with note of sandalwood, rockrose, Tonka beans, patchouli etc.

adidas dynamic

Which gives you freshness and boost your energy all day long. This perfume is available at 500 INR.

Adidas Deep Energy

People who loves challenges and are energetic, they may opt for this perfume.

adidas deep

A mixture of citrus fruits, oceanic extract and earthy aroma, gives a peppy and enthusiastic scent to keep yourenergy up at the price of 419 INR.

Desire Blue

It’s a great masculine perfume for the men, who are fond of sports and adventure,presented by Alfred Dunhill.It gives a fresh scent of nature and earthy fragrant that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed. Its available at 550 INR.

desire blue

Grey Flannel

If you are going to a romantic date with your sweetheart,then this is a must have perfume for you.Created by Geoffrey Beene, this perfume is a wonderful mixture of sandalwood, oak moss, violet, sage, orange. This masculine perfume has such magical aroma which will keep your girl hooked, is available at 1150 INR.


Nautica Blue

Another exquisite perfume from Nautica is now available your budget. This can be a must have perfume for all you guys out there.It is a perfect blending amber, rose, lavender, sage and musk which fills you with a sweet yet attractive aroma which stays for a long time. Its available at 780 INR.