Top 10 Dating Ideas That Lead To Bedroom

Dating In Bedroom Sex is not only one of your basic instincts but it’s a way to express your love for your sweetheart, that’s why the happy ending of a romantic date leads to bedroom to make the date complete. But it not just happens, it depends on the dating activities of the day, you need to make the mood or arouse the drive in her to pave the way to bedroom.

Very common and cliché type ideas are movies and dinner. But these ideas don’t work now days, to make your loved one feel special you need to do something special and interesting. So we are giving you 10 interesting ideas which will set the mood of your partner for the evening and make your date memorable for the years to come.

Dating Ideas That Lead To Bedroom

Luxurious Hotel Room

Organize a beautiful hotel room for the special night. This special arrangement will create a sense of thrill in her. Along with that if you arrange a Jacuzzi tub for her, this will definitely bring a smile to her face and create a perfect setting for romance. If you are good at body massage, then give her warm and relaxing full body massage, she will feel easy and comfortable.

Luxurious Hotel Room

This will surely be a first step to the ladder of love making. Don’t forget to bring Durex play massage, a massage gel or lubricant which will add some extra point to the mood of the evening.

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate is something that women can’t resist of, so Chocolate fondue will be a great idea to win her heart and it’s also easy to prepare.

Chocolate Fondue

Dark chocolate also helps in creating the urge, it increases even more when you share it. Don’t forget to kiss your beloved whenever you drop the dipping chocolate from the pot.

Costume Party

Attending a costume party with your partner is quite adventurous. Hide our real selves behind the mask f and role playing in the character for some time generates a naughty feeling among you two.

costume party

Suggest her to dress up in a sultry and sensuous way like Lara Croft, Cleopatra or Marilyn Monroe or a wild animal which will turn her wild side on. Avoid dress up like a bandaged mummy or long and close outfit of a vampire.


Women enjoy dancing! Specially with her man. Women often conclude how he is on the dance floor with how is he on bed. Apart from this dancing gives you numerous chances to come close to her body and play your spell on her.

couple Dancing

Even if you are not good at dancing and your funny moves may make her laugh, still your effort will impress her. Your touch, your smell, your sweat will naturally turn her on and she can’t resist to make love in the bedroom.


You seek the most romantic and discreet wine bar of the city and reserve for you two, it’s a sensuous way to spend the romantic evening with her.


If you want to spend the time in the midst of the nature then you may look for a vineyard area nearby. Make sure they allow visiting and wine tasting. The wine will intoxicate her in a sensuous way and she can’t keep off you.


It’s a great idea to spend the day on the beach with your partner, pamper each other in sexy swimming costume.


The open sky, blue sea, sand altogether creates a mood you and your partner would like to lost in. Surfing, swimming or playing with water will make you two to come closer and that will lead you to make your bedroom hotter.

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Burlesque Party

Burlesque show is not like the typical striptease shows, it’s a show funny and sensuous where women have the freedom to enjoy sexuality in a funnier and sexier way.

Burlesque Party

It may leave such magical effect on your partner that she would like to be naughty with you or who knows if she would like to do striptease for you.


Casino night will be a great idea to spend the evening if you are a black jack. Rushing of the adrenaline during the gambling game will help you to be charged up for the later activities of the night.


But make sure to spend a limited amount of money, spending too much money on casino will not make you cool at all.

Have An Arousing Dinner

Instead of typical dinner, go for something different that will create the urge in you. You may order some sexy food items as they are said to generate sexual stimulation in you, like avocado, asparagus, oyster, figs and of course wine etc.

Arousing Dinner

After the dinner served you will get plenty of opportunities to come close to each other, pulling chairs, serving each other or feeding each other. Sharing the dessert like chocolate sauce, or melon or strawberries or white cream on each other body plate will lead to a wild sex.

Pool Party

If you don’t have the time and budget to go to beach you can balance it by a pool party. Wear a sexy outfit to expose your body your abs and cuts may attract your beloved, music, drinks, and a madding crowd altogether drives your adrenaline level flow high, and that excitement plays a great role to make the mood for the bedroom.