Top 10 Exercises For Guys Over 40

Aging is a universal truth but being 40 is a beautiful moment. The new thirty of today is all about style, strength and vigor; thus, staying in shape is demand of this age. If not convinced, check the age profile of today’s sexiest men… The list includes many celebs who are either plus 40 or on its threshold.

best exercise for guys

So, if you have lost your hopes of being back in shape after celebrating 40th birthday, change your mind and get your exercising kit ready to have a torso alike Jhonny Depp. Turn your years of 40s into a celebration with following exercises which are kept in the category of top 10 by experts.

Best 10 Exercies for Men

Chin Up

One of the best exercises to perform, Chin Up is considered to be an important workout which helps the performer in using his strength to stabilize lower parts of the body. Apart from this, Chin up also helps in getting a toned upper limbs and back. Though, it is bit difficult to perform this exercise on your own in early days of gyming, you can get started by making small jumps towards ‘up’ position and then coming down slowly.

chin up

You can also ask your trainer to help in the same. Once you have made some strength, this will become an easy exercise and a regular practice of it will endow you with astonishing muscles.

Push Up

Designed by exercising experts of past to get a stronger chest and shoulder along with perfect triceps, push-up is one of the most important and basic exercises to be performed. However, most of the people underrate it but push-ups let your shoulder blade go for a complete movement which amazingly strengthens your shoulder.
Note – If you are not able to carry out a full push up, you can go for a partial one by resting your body on your knees while performing it. Nonetheless, push up is great exercise but you must maintain coordination between shoulder blade movement and upper arm motion. Its negligence may make you cry with pain instead of getting a toned physique.

Bench Press

Performed on a weight bench, bench press exercise is a great weight training exercise which also helps in building of pectoral muscles and triceps. The most important accessory of this exercise is Bench Press machine which also sports a barbell along with a bench. When a performer lies down on the bench with pinched shoulder blades, he is supposed to power-lift the barbell.

bench press

This power lifting is considered great not only for weight reduction but also for chest development training.
Note – While conducting bench press exercise you must start with a weight which you can easily manage. And be assured that in introductory phase of the exercise, your trainer must be there with you.


Taken to be a full body exercise which helps mainly on lower limbs and buttock muscle building, Squat is an exercise that doesn’t require any apparatus. Although, squat can performed lifting a barbell too, you must be cautious about the lifted weight while performing the later type of exercise. Most importantly, a simple squat can be performed without being tensed about problems of muscle contractions which is very common among people heading towards 40.


Deadlifting is traditional body training exercise which impeccably works for knee joint extension, leg stabilization and grip strengthening. A three-in-one version for squat, bench press and power lifting, deadlift is considered to be a true exercise which offers you great torso and great legs. To add more quotients of benefit into this exercise, experts recommend deadlifting with one leg dumbbell.


This new version of the mentioned exercise greatly works on hip musculature and also helps in balance building. Since unlike of traditional deadlifting, this exercise doesn’t include heavy weight lifting sessions, it is considered a perfect toning idea for novices.


A work session is never complete without performing a set of crunches. One among the most conventional exercising methods, crunching is supposed to be great exercise which not only helps one to reduce weight but also proffer with many more benefits. Some of the best advantages of crunching sessions are increased balance, help in protection of internal organs, improved stability as well as core strength and a better body functionality. Apart from this, Crunches are supposed to be great medication to heal lower back pain which becomes a generic health-killer post 30s.


One of the most glamorous exercises to be performed, swimming is an ageless exercise which is equally beneficial for a 10 year old kid, 40 years old hunk and person who is supposed to go on retirement within weeks. A full body exercise, swimming works to give perfect shape to every part of your body. This line is also supported by a fitness research report which says that those who prefer swimming tend get a slimmer and trimmer body than those who doesn’t like it. So, what are you waiting for? If you are craving to sneak into a silhouette similar to Patrick Dempsey or Matthew Fox, get ready to cherish the temptation of water.

Lat Pulldown

Working on training of the muscles of your back which is also known as Latissmus Dorsi, Lat Pulldown is a perfect calorie burner exercise which conjugately strengthens your back and abs. Lat Pulldown is performed using equipment which shares the same name.

Lat Pulldown

The exercise is conducted by sitting on the machine and pulling the bar which is cable attached to the main part of it. Since this exercise requires a lot of your energy and core strength, you can perform is two or three times a week – depending on your schedule.

Ball Exercises

A stability ball works perfectly for a 40+ person to attain great balance, ultimate posture and superb strength. Many exercises can be performed using this ball, including crunches. Crunches performed using this ball is supposed to be more beneficial in resistance offering than traditional crunching exercises.
Note – While performing ball exercises, you must take note your motion remains slow throughout the exercising session.


After stepping in forties, all the strengthening and muscle building exercises work to shape up your body but at the same time it also becomes important to control weight in a healthy manner. Thus, aerobics becomes an important addition in the list of top exercise for guys over 40.


Including rowing, jogging and walking in its components, aerobic exercises are also crucial to maintain good cardiovascular health. According to experts it is advisable to perform few minutes of aerobic activity after every 30 minutes of body training exercise.

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