Top 10 Expensive Gifts For Your Woman

Expensive Gifts For Your Woman

Are you planning to gift the love of your life something exquisite and elite. Well this list is not meant for those who are lighter on the pockets. But if you some few thousand bucks to shell out, then there are plenty of ways to woe your lady love. This list is meant for the elite men who know how to strike the right chords with their lady luck. Here are 10 things that you can consider gifting them, apart from jewelry-

1. Charbonnel & Walker Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

These are not chocolates for the light-hearted. The idea is to make sure that you give her a taste of truffles, one of the most expensive food items in the world. Chocolates made with truffles are something that no one can resist. This particular flavor calls for some caramel and sea salt in the center to avoid things from getting too sweet. The English chocolatier comes for about $15.

Charbonnel & Walker Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

2. Hermes Birkin Bag

Ooh. This one is a gift that no lady can say no to. The iconic Hermes Birkin bag that is made for the restricted few and not easily available for all. It is an item that has to be registered for and costs anything between $8000-$10,000 if you are luck to get your hands on them. So go ahead and get one for your lady love.

Hermes Birkin Bag

3. Marc By Marc Jacobs Deco Scarf

Something more suitable for you palette or wallet? Well how about this exquisite scarf from Marc Jacobs that is made with silk and cashmere. It is available in different colors and not really high on the price too. For about $250, you can easily gift her a memory of a lifetime.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Deco Scarf

4. Nicholas Kirkwood Bespoke

Bespoke is what she wants and that is what she will get. This is one of the finest shoes made ever and this top British designer has catered to the likes of Kate Middleton and other divas. So if your lady knows her brands, then go ahead and get her one of these for about $1,500 a pair.

Nicholas Kirkwood Bespoke

5. Penhaligon’s Musical Christmas Box

Music for the years and memories for Christmas! This one is all about elegance combined with romance as you see something that she can keep on her dressing table and think about you each time she opens it to take out jewelry or something else. Priced at about $500, this one is romantic and subtle too.

Penhaligon's Musical Christmas Box

6. Coco Chanel Perfume

The classic Coco Chanel perfume, Coco Chanel is something that all women desire. It is not something that is overly priced and for about $200, you can get an exclusive set with cream and body wash too. The fragrance is ever charming and simply mesmerizes your senses.

Coco Chanel Perfume

7. Diptyque Orange Chai Candle

The candle is not your ordinary candle by any chance. It is something that you can gift your partner for a splash of decadence without feeling too guilty. Yes it is not your regular candle but is made by the finest Parisians to ensure that you have something that smells o orange, quince and Indian spices. Priced at about $35, it sure worth the deal. You can take luxurious baths together while lighting these aromatic candles or have a romantic dinner with the beautiful lingering scents of the same.

Diptyque Orange Chai Candle

8. Victoria Beckham Grained Leather Pouch

VB is a brand that all women love to own because it is funky, stylish and also something that all girls want. So who about getting her a bag from the brand that speaks volumes about coolness, without being too bourgeois. The bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap so she can use it as a clutch too at just $600.

Victoria Beckham Grained Leather Pouch

9. Louis Vuitton Luggage

Again, if you have the money for it, luggage from LV is something that no woman can say no too. You can get the entire set or opt for something more subtle like a travel tote or vanity case. Be prepared that the range starts at a whopping $2,000. But this is something for a lifetime. And you do want her to travel in style. Get her name engraved on the luggage or better – both your initials on the luggage.

Louis Vuitton Luggage

10. iPhone 6

Now iPhone is something that you want her to flaunt in style. It is a gift that no girl can resist. It is stylish, useful and you can easily get this at a good discount or if you are opting for a contract. The price starts at about $600 and you can get lower deals if you bag the right vendor. What’s best is that you can get her a cover that comes embezzled with the name or studded with diamonds.

iPhone 6