Top 10 First Date Ideas For An Impressive Start

Dating your right person for the first time can be exciting as well as challenging. Your date would be the first opportunity to invest time together and allow the lady to know about you and your personality. Since first impression counts a lot hence it is imperative for you to know a couple of important tips and tricks for better outcome. Instead of getting nervous try to focus on the below listed top ten cool first date ideas.

Best 10 First Date Ideas

Decide Upon The Location

When comes to deciding any location, make sure you never plan a movie for your first date. If you watch any movie in your first date, you hardly find any time in knowing each other. Better take her to any place where she can feel comfortable and which is also affordable.

Top 10 First Date Ideas For An Impressive Start

If you worry too much about the bill, consider meeting her at some public place like park or beach or any other similar places. For your first date it is always recommended to avoid going overboard, rather keep things simple with moderate price.

The Time Duration

Your first date shouldn’t last for a longer duration. You can keep it confined to the lunch or dinner you have in the restaurant. In fact, this is a perfect amount of time to finish your first date. Also, do not plan any location far away from your or her home as the travelling time could ruin the fervor and excitement of the first date.

Groom Aptly

When comes to grooming, you need to dress appropriately for your first date and also update about your dating location to your lady so that she can even dress aptly. If you’re visiting any beach for seaside lunch or dinner, make sure you dress nicely but do not just overdress and jeans for such occasion is a big no-no.

Top 10 First Date Ideas For An Impressive Start

If you are planning your date at any fancy restaurant better go in casuals, probably a shirt and a tie could be a right thing to try. Your shoes should be clean and properly polished, whereas shave properly. In case you use cologne ensure that you simply wear a little and not too much.

Keep A Two Way Communication

At your first date avoid talking too much about you and your life, instead you need to pose a couple of date questions about herself. Allow her to speak and pay attention to her answers. Talking about your job or professional life shouldn’t be more than a minute as your work could be a fascinating thing for you but it seldom could be appearing for others. Make sure you compliment your first date but better avoid going overboard as you may sound too desperate.

Check Your Manners

If you plan for a dinner at any restaurant for your first date, make sure you read all the rules of fine dining list. Make sure you remember a few of these and showcase during your date. This includes pulling out the chair and helping your lady to sit. Also, while picking up for the date, make sure you get out of your car and hold the open door to let her in.

Top 10 First Date Ideas For An Impressive Start

Similar should be the story while dropping her home after your date. Lastly, be on time and do not discuss about your previous dates with your ex-girlfriends.

Showcase Respect For Her

This simply means that you would not expect any return from her. A date is not meant to have a person for fun but an opportunity to know someone and judge your compatibility factor.

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This also means that you avoid compromising your date quality by any means. At the end, if possible you can certainly offer her a small kiss without offering her anything beyond and expecting nothing from her side in return.

Be Confidant

Top 10 First Date Ideas For An Impressive Start

At your first date, you are supposed act with confidence and take the charge of your evening. Just act with confidence without any confusion or nervousness, be firm in your suggestions along with giving the best impression.

Pay The Bills

When comes to paying the bills, you should be the first to pay everything rather doing that splitting of the bill. Even though the lady suggests you share, do not accept her offer. However, if she insists, give her the chance to pay what she wishes for. Though paying for the bills is not a dating rule, however, it is preferred if you do so for obvious reasons.

A Gift At The End

Top 10 First Date Ideas For An Impressive Start

Gifts are considered to be the best thing especially when you are going for your first date. However, you are supposed to try something expensive, rather a small gift (even a single rose) can be a great idea.

Winding Up

If you had good time at your first date with your lady you would certainly like to see her, hence call her and express your desire for the next date. For this you do not have to wait for long nor do it the very next moment you dropped her at home. However, if you had a bad time or do not consider the lady as a compatible choice for you, there is not point wasting time with her. Better move on.

Final Word

A first date can be both challenging and exciting, hence needs a couple of tips and tricks to accomplish with success. With these top ten first date ideas you can certainly make it a happening and exciting one.

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