Top 10 Foods For Muscle Growth

Muscle growth requires proper nutrition which include good amount of protein along with right kind of workout. Protein supplies amino acids essential for muscle growth. The goal is to achieve more muscle mass and burn any excess accumulated fat deposits.

Proper muscle growth will help you to achieve a lean yet tough look without looking flabby or out of shape. Food plays an important role for muscle growth and taking right food in right amount ensure rapid growth of muscle mass.

Best 10 Foods For Muscle Growth


Eggs should be an important item of your diet as you get a rich supply of protein which is essential to build lean muscles. You also receive considerable amount of nutrients like choline and lutein.

Top 10 Foods For Muscle Growth

Egg white is more essential for muscle growth but the yolk is the reserve of nutrients which supposedly guard from cardiovascular risks.


Top 10 Foods For Muscle Growth

High in protein along with iron, folate and being highly fibrous beans serve to assist in muscle growth by being an essential dietary ingredient along with other grains and legumes.


Quinoa is an excellent supplier of all essential amino acids thereby becoming a complete and whole food for muscle builder.

Top 10 Foods For Muscle Growth

Quinoa can be digested easily, has high fiber content and contains essential minerals like magnesium and iron which can easily serve enough protein received from meat or other foods.

Dairy Products

Top 10 Foods For Muscle Growth

Select dairy products carefully to avoid saturated fats and have only those containing low fat or zero fat. Low fat cottage cheese, skimmed milk and other low fat dairy products should be considered for muscle growth as you can take advantage of the protein supply, Vitamin D and calcium. However, dairy products shouldn’t be indulged in excessively as these contain carbohydrates as well.


Top 10 Foods For Muscle Growth

You can get enough protein without the fear of accumulating saturated fats from soybeans. These are also excellent substitutes for meat or other high protein rich diet.


Begin your day by taking a helping of almonds which are storehouse of protein along with magnesium and mono saturated fat. It goes almost without saying that while building muscle you also have to remain fit and healthy.

Top 10 Foods For Muscle Growth

Almonds are heart healthy and the magnesium is required for complex processes that wok within your body including protein synthesis and energy metabolism.

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Wild Salmon

While working for muscle growth you have to burn down fat and build muscle mass through enough essential food intake and workout. However, required intake of healthy fat is necessary which can be beneficial for proper physical functioning while not harming your health or body shape in any way.

Top 10 Foods For Muscle Growth

Wild salmon will provide you with protein and also Omega 3 fatty acids that are essential in various ways to maintain the balance of your body while building muscles.


It is important to consume foods that supply protein along with other minerals that take active part in protein synthesis which is essential for muscle growth.

Top 10 Foods For Muscle Growth

Oysters give you lot of protein and very less fat. You get zinc which has similar attributes of magnesium for synthesizing protein.

Chicken Breast

Top 10 Foods For Muscle Growth

Chicken breast is one of the best options for required animal protein and it also serves to guard muscle breakdown through nitrogen balance.


Top 10 Foods For Muscle Growth

Whey can provide you protein when you are unable to take advantage of whole foods.  Whey has a host of food values that can assist positively in your muscle building regime.

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