10 Foods To Lose Weight

10 Foods To Lose Weight “Watch what you eat is something you must have heard from plenty of people, especially if you are trying to lose some extra pounds. Well, in a way it is correct!Even when people are busy formulating complex ways, elaborate plans to lose weight, it has one simple formula. Consume less calories burn more. Simple isn’t it.Usually people think losing weight would mean saying good bye to their favourite foods and dig into something that is tasteless and boring. Well, that’s not entirely true. Would you believe if someone tells you to eat to lose weight? How surprised will you when you get to know that there are few foods in your kitchen that will help you lose weight?
No hoax talk here, listed are a few foods which when consumed in decent quantities will make you feel full, burn some fat and save you from sinful cravings.

Best 10 Foods To Lose Weight


Packed with minerals,essential amino acid found in eggs helps in reducing weight.
egg A high protein diet of eggs also gives metabolism of your body a kick. So, boil the eggs or cook them in very less oil, either way they would help you in shedding extra pounds.


Quick to make and good to eat lentils are one of the tastiest options you could lose weight. They are high in fibre which helps you feel full for longer time. Apart from it they are packed with folic acid, low fat protein and carbohydrates which is good for yourbody in many ways.



Surprised how nuts, which are usually believed to be high in fat made to this list? Well, no food is fattening but the way they are cooked and the portions that are eaten affects your body.

nuts Nuts like walnuts, almonds and peanuts etc are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E and other minerals components that are required to fight heart disease and give you a beautiful skin. Do not deep fry and eat them in controlled portion to extract maximum benefits from them.


You have always known Honey as an excellent aphrodisiac, now read about how it can help you lose some fat. Honey is has a higher glycemic index as compared to sugar, which means it takes its “sweet” time to get absorbed in your body and thus providing a stable source of energy. Also, honey is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals which work in harmony to fight fat and cholesterol.


Garlic is one multi-utility food. We all know that how garlic helps prevent heart disease, but research shows that it also serves as an excellent appetite suppressant.
garlic It also increases metabolism, which in turn burns calories and aid you in your weight-loss program.


As stated earlier, losing weight doesn’t mean giving up on food and starving yourself, but for healthy weight loss, you need to make healthy choices and control your portions.
soupand salad Salads and Soups are options that are low in calories (without that dressing and cream of course!) and give you a feeling that you have eaten enough. Incorporate these foods as snacking option or as appetisers before your big meal so that you can control your eating.

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Flax Seeds

If you are looking enhanced metabolism, controlled blood sugar along with increase satiety, flax seeds is your ultimate food. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acid,soluble and insoluble fibres and low on carbohydrates, flax seeds should consumed in moderate quantities.
Flax Seeds


Are you a rice and pasta lover? Do you groan every time your dietician asks you to go on “no-rice” diet? Fret no more, replace rice with a grain that is less in calories, low on glycemic index, which means even people suffering from diabetes can have it safely, and high on vitamins like iron, B12, magnesium and calcium. This grain is Quinoa. Not only it is tastes good but also there are varieties of ways in which it can be prepared.


This is one fruit which is available all year round. And with approximate 53 calories, this is one of the healthiest choices you could make. Eat one apple on empty stomach every day to lose weight.

Dark Chocolate

Who said being on diet means you would have to say adieu to your favourite dark chocolate? Research say dark chocolate has components that makes it more filling and reduces food cravings considerably. It is said to reduce stress level making you less vulnerable to binge eating.
dark chocolates Include these yummy and easily available foods in your daily diet combine them with good exercise regime and see yourself going from flab to fab in matter of few months.