Top 10 Habits That Boost Your Style

Being stylish is no longer restricted to women. Men too want to look good and can go to any distance to make a unique style statement. But with lesser choices as compared to women men have to be smart and pick up the style that suits them the best. So, here are some steps that would make you the stylish guy that every other guy wants to be and every other girl wants to be with.

Best 10 Habits That Boost Your Style

Consider Clothes as Long-term Investments

Do not ever let go a fine piece in rare fabric off your hands. No matter how exorbitant the price is, buy it. The best thing about rare and timeless clothes is that they do not get either outdated or very common.

Habits That Boost Your Style

This means you will be able to wear them for many more times to come and in the long term you will see the cost of the garment has been well paid off.

Do Not Trust too Many people with Your Precious Clothes

When it comes to clothes that you love the most, you can trust only two people – you and a trustworthy tailor/dry cleaner. Build strong relationship with the tailor or dry cleaner you visit so that they too take special interest in making you look the best. Let them know if you have any special washing or ironing instructions. Also, a reliable tailor would give the best fitting in a jiffy so that you do not have to waste your time revisiting the tailor for amends.

Take Interest in new Trends but do not Follow them Blindly

Fashion trends change every second and it is quite tough to keep up with each one of them. Since you cannot make every new look your look, you should rather keep a tab on what’s new in the fashion world. The best way to do this is to browse through online shopping sites.

Fashion trends

This would help you keep a check on the latest catalogs of merchandise. Part with your hard-earned money only when you know that a particular garment would add value and versatility to your wardrobe.

Maintain Variety in your Closet

When you have different varieties of pants and shirts – skinny, short, loose, wide, etc – why to stick one type? The simple logic behind this is your friends and colleagues would think that you are wearing the same pant or shirt even when you are not. Try out different colors and fits and make a statement.

Make a trio of Shirt, Tie and Jacket

Habits That Improve your Appearance

If your shirt and tie is not complemented by a jacket, the whole attire looks squishy. Embrace the trio to look elegant and distinct.

Bring Variety to Your Casual Attire

Dressing casually does not always mean wearing jeans and baseball hats. After a certain age, you must dress up more like a grown up even if it is for casual occasions. Instead of jeans you can try chinos to have a distinct casual look.

Style you Hair and Beard

Make it a habit to visit your most favored hair stylist at least once a month. Doing your hair is as important as doing your clothes and shoes. This is because untidy and disheveled hair will cast a bad impression on the onlooker no matter how good your clothes are.

Style Hair and Beard

Also, shave your beard in a particular style to maintain a signature look. Even if it is for cleaning your hair at home, you should be more cautious. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo once a week (if you have dandruff) and use a mild shampoo for other times. But do not over shampoo your hair for it will make your dry and messy.

Wear the same Perfume

Boost Your Style

Women just love to recognize their man with his odor. Stick to the best cologne that mixes well with your natural body odor. Wear a signature perfume to make a distinct statement.

Regularly visit Renowned fashion Sites

Browse meticulously through a list of famous fashion sites for men and bookmark any 5 of them. Visit these sites on alternatively. This will help you get a better and deeper idea of everything latest in the fashion industry.

Be Organized

Decide and organize your outfit the night prior to when you actually wear them. Mornings get very hectic with activities like exercise, breakfast, newspaper, etc. So, if you decide the night before you can save your time standing in front of the closet and trying to pick up the perfect clothes. Make it a habit, at least, for times when you have a special occasion to attend the next day.

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