Top 10 Hair Care Tips

We all desire for strong, thick and shiny hair. Having wonderful hair adds to one’s beauty and personality.Hair can get brittle, fizzy and lifeless because of many factors like pollution, use of wrong products, chemicals, lack of sleep, tension and there could be many other reasons.

We will look at the 10 best hair care tips in this article. These are the expert’s tried and tested ways to get flawless hair; after all beautiful hair is beauty.

Best Hair Care Tips

Keep A Check On Diet

Hair quality is directly related with the food you eat. It is very important to have silica, protein, iron and calcium rich diet. Avoid eating oily and stale food. Consuming calcium and silica prevents hair fall and helps the hair regrowth and protein helps in nourishing your hair thus the quality and shine is improved.

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Adding spinach, sprouts, eggs, dates and raisins to your diet would help in achieving best results. Intake of peanuts, avocadoes, cabbage, mustard seeds and soya beans can also be beneficial to achieve perfect hair.

Wash According To Your Hair Type

Decide your hair washing routine as per the hair texture and type. If you have oily hair then washing and cleansing them 3 – 4 times a week is recommended. For normal hair you can schedule it to twice or thrice. But if your hair are dry it is suggested to wash them once or twice.

These conditions can vary according to the season changes. Use lukewarm water to wash your hair and never make use of your nails to scrub scalp. Make sure to remove all the shampoo and conditioner as it would harm the scalp if left for long time.

Using Hair Dryers

Hair dryers damage the hair and vanishes its softness. Don’t use a dryer until it’s really necessary. If dryers are necessary you can use a good company serum before using it. Try to dry your hair naturally.

Trick To Use A Comb

Top 10 Hair Care Tips

The best trick to use a comb is divide your hair into sections and then using a wide tooth comb; comb them in an upward down direction. Hair are more sensitive and weak when wet so the best way is not to pull the comb hard as it may result in hair fall.

Protection From Exposure

Try to protect your hair from the external environmental changes. If you are going out in sun then put a cap or scarf on the hair so that the direct sunlight do not damage your hair. If you are going in pool water, you can apply conditioner and comb the hair, you can also use a swimming cap as chlorine acts as an enemy for hair.

Select Shampoo And Conditioner Wisely

Expensive shampoo and conditioners have many chemicals which affect the hair in long run; it’s always advisable to use a chemical free shampoo or an ayurvedic or herbal shampoo. Apply a small amount of shampoo and wash your hair till it completely rinses away.

Top 10 Hair Care Tips

Remember that a conditioner is meant to be used on hair and not scalp. Using a conditioner on scalp can lead to breakage of hair. Always start applying conditioner half inch away from scalp.

Don’t Hesitate To Trim

It is suggested by the hair experts to trim your hair in every 2 -3 months. This is because you get rid of the split ends and rough ends when you trim. This also helps in hair shaping and growth.

Hair Style

Top 10 Hair Care Tips

Get a hair-do which suits you and your personality. Make a hair style keeping in mind the hair quality and length. Avoid the use of styling products like gels and creams, they contain harmful chemicals and can hamper your hair care routine.

Hydrate Your Body

Drinking lots of water helps in maintaining hair shine and strength. Keep your body hydrated by drinking a glass of water every hour. This would help your body and hair to be healthy. You can include juices and soups to your drinking schedule.

Top 10 Hair Care Tips

Let your hair rest

When you sleep let your hair rest. Comb them 70-100 times before going to bed. This would spread the scalp oil evenly to all scalp and hair. Set your hair free when you sleep, this is because they need air to breathe. Hair sometimes gets stuck to the cotton pillowcase so one of the best ways is to use a satin pillowcase.

A beauty sleep comprises of a 8 – 9 hours’ sleep which reflects on your hair and skin. Following these easy 10 steps of hair care you will get flawless, strong and healthy hair. It is not hard to achieve this routine but it is really important to continue it. Don’t forget that patience and proper care is the key to achieve best results.

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