Top 10 Hairstyles For Men

Top 10 Hairstyles For Men

Your hairstyle shows a lot of you, and it can change the way you look, completely. Your hairstyle can win you hearts and make you lose an otherwise-interested female. So! pick your combs, brushes, gels, and driers, and get the best hairstyle for yourself.

Women keep a serious account of men’s hairstyles, experts say, and you don’t want to lose on it, or do you? Leave women for a while, let us get on to what you like as far as your hair are concerned. What do you feel looks best on you?

Can you have such a hairstyle? Does it suit your face cut, body make, or your profile? Do you like a hairstyle that doesn’t suit you? There are a lot of questions to answer, and there are a lot of hairstyles too!

Gone are the days when it was about looking clean, tidy, and polished. In modern day, the hairstyles are more about keeping it easy and chilling out. A little more work on them can make you standout from the crowd and make you fit for everywhere, from dating to workplace.

Come on, let us check on top 10 hairstyles you can do to keep yourself in the hot-list. These hairstyles do not have any particular name, hence we would also let you know which famous celebrity has such a hairstyle, so you can identify it instantly.

Top 10 Hairstyles For Men

Hairstyle #1

This is for ones who are diehard romantics and who want to look like one. This hairstyle doesn’t need much of maintenance and looks best when fizzy. The hairstyle is a strict no-no for tough or macho guys or who have straight-laced ones.

Simon Baker

To do this, you will need to have wavy or curly hair; not possible without curls or waves. This requires overall hair length to be a little longer, long enough to clearly show off the waves or curls.

You will need to use conditioner in the shower to have light and frizzy hair. To style, run curl-defining cream through your hair and twist a few pieces into curls around the forehead. Let it air-dry.

Simon Baker is the one who carries such a hairstyle.

Hairstyle #2

This type of hairstyle is for men who are quite easy-going and trendy. Can also look good on casual guys. Men who are clean-cut and over 30 years of age who work in a formal environment are not advised this hairstyle.

Zac Efron hairstyle

For this hairstyle, straight and thick hair is best; however, guys having some wavy hair can make it work. Thin hair are workable, but more products will be needed to keep it up.

To style, use hair wax or pomade. Put a small amount in your hands and run it through dry hair. Now, use fingers to spike the hair in random directions. In case you want to look perfect, leave it right now; this isn’t for you, buddy.

Zac Efron has such a hairstyle.

Hairstyle #3

Now, this hairstyle is for almost everyone, we mean anyone can carry this. Such a hairstyle works best for people who are into business and attend regular meetings, but do not have time to look into mirror. This is also for men or boys who create no fuss.

Jake Gyllenhaal

People who won’t think this hairstyle to be appropriate for them can be super-creative and rebellion-types. For such a hairstyle, you will short and straight hair. Fine or thick hair will do, too! To make it, you can get your hair cut this short and styled so. Light-hold gel can be applied to control such a hairstyle.

People like Jake Gyllenhaal look amazing with such hairstyle.

Hairstyle #4

This is the hairstyle for confident ones. Even balding men or recent army recruits can flaunt such type of hairstyle. It looks pretty cool, you need to have an element to carry it. Type of men who are not recommended this hairstyle are the ones who have lumpy skull. Under-confident men should also avoid it.

Mehcad Brook

The best part is that you can have such a hairstyle with any type of hair, as you are going to shave them off, all. To style it, you will require shaving cream with a new razor. In case you have longer hair, trim them as short as possible firstly. Raze all hair cautiously. Do not forget to apply sunscreen lotion after you are done. Shining moisturized scalp looks great!

Mehcad Brooks looks distinctive with this hairstyle.

Hairstyle #5

This hairstyle is for artistic guys. The vampires and lazy guys, too, can carry it off very well. We do not encourage professions, or even near-professions, to take bear such a look. To get this hairstyle, you would need wavy and thick hair.

Robert Pattinson hairstyle

Guys with curly hair can also try, but will need extra products to keep it fixed. To make it, use some styling wax or pomade to give your hair a messy look. Make it look as if you just got out of bed. This style looks really good and cool and can drive the opposite gender crazy.

Robert Pattinson steals hearts with this hairstyle.

Hairstyle #6

This is for men who are confident or borderline cocky. Even secret agents or life-of-the-party types can have this hairstyle. Men who want to have artist look are more trend-going should not keep this hairstyle. Slightly wavy or even straight hair will work for this look. To make it, run medium-hold gel through dry hair and use comb to push the hair up and back. Remember, don’t overdo it.

Ryan Reynolds hairstyle

Ryan Reynolds looks dashing in this hairstyle.

Hairstyle #7

This is a hairstyle for comedians. Do not argue why Jim Carry or Mr. Beans do not have such a hairstyle! It would even look good on comic-book or video-game characters, but would fail the looks of ultra-macho or to-be-taken-seriously guys.

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You will need to possess curly or way hair for this look. To style, run small amount of curling gel through damp hair and then let them air-dry. Do not touch them once you are done.

Adam Brody carries such a look.

Adam Brody hairstyle

Hairstyle #8

This hairstyle is meant for serious, strong, high-IQ, and silent guys. Men whose hair would not part to the side cannot have this style. Even the ones who are non-serious, lousy, and too much talkative should avoid it. In case you have a natural side partition, it is best for you. Straight hair work best for this style. To style, comb hair over to the side with help of a light-hold gel.

John Cho hairstyle

John Cho is the one carrying this.

Hairstyle #9

Only classic stand-up guys can carry this hairstyle off. You will need to have straight or slightly wavy hair for such a hairstyle. Either fine or thick, both will work. To style, use a little medium-hold gel to slightly-damp hair, comb them accordingly and let them air-dry. You can mold them using your fingers and hair paste, if they are not sticking up front.

Matt Damon hairstyle


Matt Damon carries this hairstyle.

Hairstyle #10

Bohemians, artists, or the ones who live far off and do not have any barber in their town can have such a hairstyle. Professionals, even remote, are not at all recommended this look. Office-going guys do not dare to read further. Curly, wavy long hair will be required for this hairstyle. To get this look, apply shampoo plus conditioner during shower and a curl cream after it. Let them air-dry.

Matthew McConaughey hairstyle

Matthew McConaughey styles this look.

Hopefully, you will be able to choose a better hairstyle for yourself, now. In case this didn’t help, make your own. After all, it is your hair and it is your style.