Top 10 Marital Problems

Marriage is a lifelong commitment between a loving couple who decides to give an everlasting meaning to their romantic relationship and build a family together. However, a marriage can be both rosy and challenging depending upon the attitudes, maturity level and perceptions of the husband and wife.

Once you get married you don’t cease to remain the individual that you were before but becoming one in a marriage while maintaining own individuality often becomes more than a hurdle to cross.

Top Ten Marital Problems

Lack of Time for Each Other

In today’s fast paced world with heavy work pressures and other commitments to keep it often becomes hard to find time for each other.

Marital Problems

This may result in the other related problems like lack of communication, intimacy and sex which eventually cause considerable damage to the relationship.

Failure to Understand and Recognize one’s Role in Marriage

Individuals often fail to accept their change of role from a lover to a spouse and thereby the responsibilities that come along with a marriage may often be neglected thereby resulting in further complications.

Lack of Communication

Communication is the base for any strong relationship and if proper communication is missing then it can be a glaring problem in a marriage.

Lack of Communication

It’s important that you spend at least some quality time with your spouse to share both emotions and daily matters. Try to go for a holiday together at least once in three months.

Household Work Division

Stupid it may sound but this also becomes a major reason for marital problem. Nowadays, men and women take part equally in all kinds of chores and therefore it is expected that both take responsibilities in a mature manner.

Lack of Romance

There is no answer to why it often happens this way that till marriage happens there was lot of spice and passion in your relaionship.

Lack of Romance

With marriage it seems that there is everlasting time for romance as you belong to each other now. Hence, romance keeps getting postponed, you get busy in your own worlds and eventually romance is lost forever as you begin to live separate lives.

Lack of Sex

Lack of sex may result from lack of libido, lack of passion and intimacy or simply due to boredom. Lack of sex may also result from strained relationship between the couple. Most of the marital problems can be highly interconnected thereby creating a complicated viscous circle hard to break.

Not Trying to Impress each other Anymore

Once you are married the need to impress each other often dies. It may result from lack of romance or just because you take each other for granted. Begin to take care of yourself and go for workout together as a couple. You will not only get time to spend with each other but also achieve an impressive appearance.

Avoiding Kids

Avoiding Kids

When a couple differs on when to have kids or have them at all it can become a major issue of marital conflict. Kids can be a concern best avoided for some while it can be the most meaningful happiness for others.

Financial Problems

Love can’t be enough to run a household and cater to needs and comforts. Financial crunch can become very stressful on a marriage to hold it together.


One of the most damaging impacts on a marriage is infidelity. Even if the couple decides to stay together after one of them has been unfaithful yet the crack remains forever.

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