Top 10 Metrosexual Celebrities

Metrosexuals are the typical heterosexual men but they have a huge and compelling concern on the way they look. Their need to look impeccable, amount of money they invest on looking good and adulation they strive to achieve are no less than those of gay men.

However, this new term has sprouted everywhere and Hollywood is no exception to this community. In fact, these metrosexual celebrities take pride in their gorgeous looks since they are extremely confident about their masculinity.

Top 10 Metrosexual Celebrities

Top 10 Metrosexual Celebrities 

David Beckham

One of the most successful and popular celebrities this century has ever seen, David Beckham competes with Posh Spice to look gorgeous. It is little surprise that this personality manages to conjure up myriad hairstyles and make men all over the world wanting to emulate them. Beckham probably practices on makeover and hair styling as much as he does with his football kicks.

Ashton Kutcher

A gorgeous smile and a lovely tuft of hair define Ashton Kutcher. The boy has very soft looks and is extremely interested in ensuring his hair stays the way he proposes to. And for this, he does not mind spending time and thousands of dollars to get the look he wants. Despite his love for all things pretty, he managed to find love and company in Demi Moore.

Chace Crawford

He rose to popularity with Gossip Girl and his looks have infested him with the brand of a homosexual. Crawford has shunned them down as rumors but this young metrosexual ensures his hair falls down in layers and his grooming done by expert hands. He only adorns runway ready suits and casuals.

Top 10 Metrosexual Celebrities

Zac Effron

The quintessential pretty boy image with immaculate dressing and hair to die for even amongst women make Zac Effron a most deserving metrosexual. It must be taking him loads of time to set his hair the way it looks every time.

Ryan Seacrest

A wardrobe to die for and an attitude that he is the prettiest easily fetches him an inevitable position in top 10 metrosexual celebrities. Not only does he bleach his teeth, he does them so frequently that they are actually lightening bright.

Johnny Depp

The man experiments with his look not only onscreen but off-screen as well. Many times, it gives you a weird feeling that he is trying to conceal his gorgeous boy image with facial hair that he takes at least two hours to work on every morning.

Ryan Reynolds

Blade, Van Wilder or just about any masculine character still finds it difficult to hide feminine looks sported by this gorgeous star. Ryan Reynolds has spiky hair, wears perfect clothing and a beautiful attitude.

Top 10 Metrosexual Celebrities

Jake Gyllenhaal

The man in Brokeback Mountain seems to be the extreme of his masculine performances. Jake looks intense and is extremely good looking. But the personality he has created comes from years of hard work.

Brad Pitt

The man is 45 but has a chiseled face and rock hard body. He may be popular for adopting kids with his spouse but spends most time striving to achieve gorgeous looks.

Orlando Bloom

His brown locks are curly and he works hard to maintain a pretty boy image he takes pride in. Although, Bloom looks nonchalant about his looks; he is actually putting hours of efforts to groom his personality. If you closely observe, most of them in the list above are men who fall under many top lists for riches, acting, fan following, success, power, women but are all top metrosexual celebrities.

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