Top 10 Motorcycles For New Riders

Top 10 Motorcycles For New Riders

As soon as a guy steps into his teenage, the craving for a motorcycle starts growing like never before. The best and toughest look is one criterion that men consider while buying a new motorcycle but when it comes to a new rider (first time rider) there are a number of other aspects that must be considered before the final purchase.

Some of these aspects include size of the motorbike, its weight, learning curve, speed and not to mention the price factor. Here is a list of ten such bikes especially designed for beginners.

1)    Kawasaki Ninja 650R

The Kawasaki Ninja 650R runs on 75 horsepower and delivers the right amount of power and speed for the beginners. When you ask an experienced rider, he would say that a bike that covers quarter mile in mere seconds and runs o 100+ horsepower is the best. But this should not be the perspective of a beginner as it would be really tough to handle such a bike.

Kawasaki Ninja 650R

That does not mean that Kawasaki Ninja 650R is slow. No, it’s not as it covers the same distance in the near 12 second mark. The Kawasaki Ninja 650R is also favored by experienced riders for its strong grip on road, predictable handling, smooth ride and suitable riding dynamics.

With Kawasaki Ninja 650R, it becomes easy for the rider to predict where to slow down and where to pick up. It does require the rider to get accustomed to the bike but when he does a smooth ride is guaranteed.

2)    Suzuki GS500F

Stability and less maintenance are the two favorable assets of Suzuki GS500F which falls behind the Kawasaki Ninja 650R in terms of speed but is still worth going for.

Suzuki GS500F

The Suzuki GS500F hits 60mph in as less as 4 seconds. One thing worth noticing here is that this $4000 beast has the capability of giving $40,000 worth sports cars a good run for money. Also, the Suzuki GS500F has not altered its basic design since 1994.

3)    Kawasaki Ninja 500R

Also known as the ‘Little Ninja’, the Kawasaki Ninja 500R tops the list of 500cc bikes. As the bike is lightweight, it supports the twists and turns that a beginner is so fond of doing when he hits the road.

Kawasaki Ninja 500R

Also, Little Ninja offers the desired liberty to the rider to test the limits. Outstanding fuel economy and near-to-nothing price tag makes the bike even more popular among the beginners.

4)    Yamaha FZ6R

The Yamaha FZ6R is revered not only in terms of its ravishing looks but also because of its seat – upright and comfy. Added to that is the time-tested detuned engine, also found in the earlier R6 model.

Yamaha FZ6R

The Yamaha FZ6R follows your commands obediently so that it is quiet when you want it to be and it roars when you hit the highway. It is quite predictable that the Yamaha FZ6R will beat the popular Kawasaki Ninja in the very near future.

5)    Honda CRF230M

A dual-sport motorbike is a dream of every beginner. The first bike to consider in this category is the Honda CRF230M that is a true dual-sport bike enabling smooth ride on the highway as well as trails. With Honda CRF230M, your fantasy of owning a cruiser will also be satiated.

Honda CRF230M

The amazing looks and clean lines of the bike are backed up by incredible reliability by Honda. Lightweight nature (276lbs) and 14 horsepower engine are definitely two below requirement aspects of this machine. Yet the Honda CRF230M delivers an unquestionable performance. the USP of this bike is its fuel economy as close as 90mpg.

6)    Yamaha TW200

The Yamaha TW200 falls behind major dual-sport bikes in many respects. Unlike Honda CRF230M, the Yamaha TW200 sports 5-speed transmission instead of 6-speed transmission.

Yamaha TW200

Also, it is not fast enough and hardly offers any technical advancement over other major dual-sport bikes. Still Yamaha TW200 is preferred by a good number of riders because of its balance – a pre-requisite among young and first riders.

7)    Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

This outstanding cruiser attracts with its unmatched looks. In fact, Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom is the perfect cruiser for a beginner owing to its lightweight nature and affordable price tag – quite unbecoming of a conventional cruiser.

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

The comfortable handling and bearable sound of the motorbike might lead you to believe that you are not riding a cruiser but actually you are.

8)    Suzuki GZ250 Marauder

If you want a cruiser that would make you win every race then the Suzuki GZ250 Marauder is just not meant for you. But if you want sheer comfort while riding then it is your cup of tea. With no whooping power, bulky weight and pocket-draining price tag, the Suzuki GZ250 is the perfect cruiser for a starter.

Suzuki GZ250 Marauder

Also, this machine asks for little maintenance for the efficiency it offers. It is so adaptable that anyone can have a smooth ride on it. In all, it does not scare like most other cruisers with their heavyweight and price tag, it just pleases.

9) Honda VT750C Spirit

The Honda VT750C Spirit comes close to the Kawasaki Vulcan in terms of affordable price tag and the look and feel of ‘big bike’. Ideal for first riders, the Honda VT750C is forgiving to the amateur and needs less maintenance.

Honda VT750C Spirit

Chrome pipes, low seat and wire-spoked wheels do make an appeal to the riders. At $8250, the Honda VT750C Spirit does not promise the efficiency of the best cruiser but promises the fun and freedom that a young rider expects.

10)    Aprilia RS125

In the current economic climate, more and more people are realising that small capacity bikes make sense as affordable transport. In the wake of current economic crises and popularity of small capacity bikes, the 125cc bikes remain a prior choice.

Aprilia RS125

The first choice of a number of first riders in their teenage remains the Aprilia RS125, a 125cc bike, owing to its stable and comfortable handling. One negative aspect of the bike is the fragility of its 100mph motor that needs regular nourishment with 2-stroke oil that is fully synthetic.

These bikes do not hit the road with roaring speeds and kick start in seconds but deliver exactly what a beginner needs – efficiency, mileage, comfort handling, low maintenance and a price worth paid for. So, try yourself on these bikes and you won’t be disappointed.