Top 10 Rules For Building Mass

Building mass is not a very difficult task for those who know the rules and follow them religiously. The process is straightforward and very simple, but only those who are disciplined and determined to achieve their goals succeed. Others go for the shortcuts like use of steroids, but obviously they end up facing lots of harmful side effects.

So, forget such shortcuts and follow these ten rules to build mass while keeping your body and mind healthy and fit.

Best Rules For Building Mass

Use Dumbbells Instead Of Smith Machine

When you use dumbbells, it adds real mass. The use of Smith machine, on the other hand, just makes your chest feel pumped. The results are significantly much better with dumbbells.

Use Dumbbells

It helps in building compound mass by putting both your larger muscles as well as your ancillary muscles at work. When you increase the range of motion with dumbbells, more muscles are put to work that eventually build more mass.

Work On The Less-Developed Muscles

Do a thorough assessment of your body and identify the muscle groups that are less developed as compared to other better parts. Go to the gym and practice your training while keeping your main focus on bringing those less-developed muscles up in size.

Choose The Most Suitable Mass-Building Exercises

There is no common rule on which mass building exercises work the best. It varies from one person to another. Only you can tell from your own experience which ones work best on your muscles.

Mass-Building Exercises

Identify those exercises that pump you up best and include them in your mass building training program. This task can become much easier if you focus on exercises that involve movements with dumbbells because dumbbell-exercises give faster and much better results.

Minimize The Risks Of Injuries

When it comes to building mass, you should be extra careful to make sure you do not get injured. There are many bodybuilders who achieved success in building mass, but their career ended just because of injuries like strained erectors, slipped discs and torn pecs. So, stick to the basics – do a proper warm up before and after the real exercises.

Also, increase the levels of weight gradually. If you try a much heavier lift all of a sudden, your body may not be ready for it and it may result in injuries. So, prepare your body for heavier weights in a step-by-step manner.

Utilize Optimum Sets

Do not put your body at overwork. It may stop listening to you and may even stop growing altogether. In a single day, you should focus on training a maximum of only two body parts.

Optimum Sets

Also, do not use more than 12-16 sets per muscle group unless you are a competitive bodybuilder, in which case, you can try up to twenty sets. In order to achieve optimum benefits out of your workouts, you are also advised to complete each set to exhaustion.

Limit Your Workouts To One Hour

Always remember, the first half-an-hour of your workout is when your mental focus and body energy are at their highest. After an hour, it turns very low. By doing workouts for extended hours is very much likely to affect your hormonal responses adversely.

For best results, you should consider limiting your workouts to 45-60 minutes. It will help your body to keep muscle-destroying (catabolic) hormones low and your (muscle-building) anabolic hormones high.

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Do Compound Exercises

Some of the best examples of compound exercise include chin ups, rows, pushups, dips, military presses, dead lifts and squats. Make sure you include them in your workout plan.

 Compound Exercises

Even if you do not do cable lateral raises, you can still achieve big, round shoulders just by performing military presses regularly.

Recovery Time

It is very important for you to understand that your muscles do not really grow while you are performing your exercises; they grow when you are recovering. Recovery time plays a very important role when it comes to building mass. Therefore, as a general rule, you should not include more than four strength-training workouts per week.

On other days, focus on other exercises and never forget to do proper warm ups before and after the training. Adequate amount of sleep is also crucial, at least 7-8 hours, preferably at night.

Keep A Training Journal

When it comes to building mass, you must always follow a basic principle called progressive overload. Ignoring this rule will get you nowhere. For example, if you are currently doing 225 reps of squatting, you should be able to do around 275 reps by this time next year. Give yourself a long-term target and take regular short steps to eventually achieve that. In our example, you can achieve the target by increasing just one rep a week for a year.

Training Journal

You should always be striving for long-term success. When you achieve your long-term targets, you will be a lot much bigger than you currently are. So, the key to success lies in progressive consistency, which you can achieve efficiently if you always carry a training journal with you.

You should note down your targets, progress, areas of improvements and every other detail in that journal and make changes in your workouts accordingly. It will keep you disciplined and right on the track.

Eat Right

Along with exercises and workouts, you must also increase your intake of protein. The more protein you eat, the better your muscles can grow. Lean red meats can make a good choice, as they can provide your body with all those nutrients your muscles need to grow. Some other basic nutrition rules are as follows.

– Instead of three big meals, eat six quality smaller meals daily. It reduces the risks of your body storing harmful fats, fills your body with constant flow of energy and increases your body’s metabolism.

– Eating a lot of foods is not as important as is eating the right foods. Make sure your every meal includes high quantity of proteins.

– Eat a small meal rich in proteins and carbohydrates an hour before every workout. Where proteins will help your muscles during exercises, carbohydrates will provide your body with sustained energy enabling you to train hard and long with high mental focus.

Avoid junk foods and fuzzy drinks.

– Avoid excessive salts.

– Avoid bad fats like butter, animal fats and vegetable oil.

Overall, if you stick to these ten rules, you will definitely be able to build mass in a way that others may envy you.

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