Top 10 Sex Myths

Sex has been glorified, tabooed, prejudiced and yet it has preoccupied our minds from the moment we reach puberty. Sex has been perceived in so many ways like that of a skillful art and on the other hand it has been just seen as an unavoidable means to continue one’s progeny. Both scientific and religious views galore around this single natural phenomenon called sex.

Parents of teenagers might remain confused on how to give or when to begin sex education and adults might have had hesitations and inhibitions especially when it is their first time due to misconceptions and lack of proper knowhow. More than facts various myths envelop the true essence of sex which might have come down through the ages by means of faulty perceptions that have got accepted involuntarily. However, clarifying the sex myths by replacing them with the true facts can make your sexual experience far more enjoyable and satisfying.

Truth About Sex Myths

Sex Happens Easily For The First Time

This is a very common sex myth which resides in the minds of teenagers or adults who haven’t yet had their first sexual encounter. The result is often depressing because sex doesn’t happen like magic.

Top 10 Sex Myths

When you are trying to have sex for the first time it may depend upon a number of factors like your partner may be a virgin as well for which it may not be easy to penetrate for the first time, you may be feeling nervous and may not be able to get an erection and the most important reason being there is a wide difference between what you have learnt through books or by word of mouth and the real act.

Men Have More Sexual Libido Than Women

The truth is men may exaggerate more while women may choose to cover up their urge but when it comes to measure sexual libido both men and women may feel the urge or the lack of it based on similar factors like lifestyle, diet, amount of rest and sleep, stress levels, health factors and fatigue. Therefore, it’s wrong to believe men have greater libido than women.

Sex Can’t Be Planned, It’s Spontaneous

Top 10 Sex Myths

When sex happens spontaneously its fun and exciting but planning for sex and making it happen is also as realistic. Whether it’s spontaneous or planned the fact is that you and your partner want it to happen therefore confirming there is nothing wrong in your relationship.

Sex Can’t Happen After A Certain Age Or Period In A Relationship

A very wrong concept that sex depends upon age or it fades as the relationship gets older. Various hormonal changes in the body or health problems with aging may affect libido but if you are following a healthy lifestyle and indulging in sex then neither age nor time can take away the fun or excitement of sex from your lives.

Penis Size Affects Sexual Performance

Penis size affects sexual performance is a sex myth which covers the minds of many men and women therefore compelling men to work hard upon their penile size.

Top 10 Sex Myths

The fact is penis size can never affect your sexual performance or pleasure unless you have significant deformity. Sexual performance depends upon your skills, imagination, passion and of course experience.

Oral Sex Is Safer Than Vaginal Sex

Oral sex can’t be absolutely safe as infections or diseases may be transmitted through saliva or any kind of break in the skin due to exchange of fluids. Rather vaginal sex or anal sex done with proper protection can safeguard from sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

Young Men Experience Premature Ejaculation

Young men may experience premature ejaculation as a result of less experience or inability to master the art of holding on for longer.

Top 10 Sex Myths

But older men may also experience premature ejaculation sometimes even after they have become experienced and learnt to hold on longer. This may result from accompanying health factors or fatigue.

Men Lover Dirty Talk While Women Don’t

Generalizing either men or women as this and that is wrong. Most men love dirty talk while most women love more romance and gentle sex. But if your woman loves dirty talk and rough sex then don’t think something is wrong with her as this is absolutely normal and acceptable.

Men Are Ready For Sex 24×7

Top 10 Sex Myths

Men are after all human beings and practically can’t be ready for sex always. Men also have, if not like women, mood ups and downs and daily hassles like fatigue and stress. Therefore, men like women can’t be always ready for sex.

Avoiding Pregnancy By Controlling Ejaculation

It’s a very wrong way to do birth control because even when the man pulls out just prior to ejaculation there can still be high chances that some fluid has flown out just before pulling out inside the vagina.

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