Top 10 Small Cars

Small cars on sale today are no longer staid and boring to drive. They are immense fun and churn out decent performance which will warm the cockles of your heart.
Here we list 10 of the best small cars available out there.

No.10 2012 Nissan Leaf

The Leaf is making a lot of noise even though it comes without a engine. It is probably the first electric car which is as much fun to drive as petrol or diesel powered ones.

2012 Nissan Leaf

It’s Achilles heal though is the range which is just 100 miles under ideal conditions. But if you keep an eye on the range display on the dashboard and charge it  regularly it will be a rewarding experience to own one.

No.9 2011 Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is the smallest Honda on offer in the American market. It is reasonably equipped and is powerful enough to bring a smile on your face.

2011 honda fit

It is a little aged but still fresh enough to be enjoyed thoroughly. The next generation Fit will be much more greener though. In 2012 an all new Fit EV is set to debut.

No.8 2011 Mini Cooper

Most of the press and ads are focusing on the Mini Clubman and Countryman models but the model which thrills the senses is the S and the John Cooper Works Hardtops.

2011 Mini Cooper

The engine has been worked on to get out a few more horses for the 2011 model. The package is still capable and very relevant. The new Coupe and Paceman concepts will reach production shortly and until then these simple hatches are your pick if fun is what you want.

No.7 2011 Ford Fiesta/Mazda 2

The Ford Fiesta was kept off American shores for a long time and once it was launched there, it did a workmanlike job, forget the hype. It met all the expectations people had of it whether it was badged as a Ford or as the Mazda 2.

2011 Ford Fiesta Mazda 2

They don’t have riches of power or space but whatever they have, it has been utilised intelligently. The equipment aboard, whether standard or optional, will make your journey pleasant indeed.

No.6 2011 Scion iQ

The iQ has been around Europe since the last two years and now it will be coming to the USA and will be called Scion iQ. Larger and more powerful than a Smart Fourtwo, the three-door iQ has 10 airbags and when the rear seats are folded it can carry two golf bags.

2011 scion iq

It is a wonderful runaround if you drive alone and don’t have stuff to carry around.

No.5 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX/STI

Sometimes you can’t have everything in the same package. Fun and frugality are very difficult partners in a car. Subaru’s new Impreza WRX and STI are the best example of that but owners will not be complaining because every time you fire up the engine

2011 subaru impreza wrx sti

you will hear the rumble of the boxer engine which will make you want to roar down the road just like in a rally car, such is the rally-bred pedigree of Subaru cars. This year, the fans can have the STI in sedan form while the WRX cars get the wide body STI look.

No.4 2012 Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 Abarth model is so hot that it is giving sleepless nights to people in BMW’s Mini division. It is expected in the US in 2013 and until then you can get a taste of what to expect when Chrysler starts selling the standard 500 through select dealers.

fiat 500

It will come with a 1.4 liter turbo which is sure to be fun to drive.

No.3 2011 Volkswagen Golf/GTI

Volkswagen makes very refined hatchbacks and the sedan based on the Golf, the Jetta has been redesigned and is better than the outgoing model. The Jetta is a tad large to be called a small car.

2011 Volkswagen Golf/GTI

The Golf range is what should be emulated by the competitors. The Golf is very versatile and refined car. The model with the TDI engine will gladden the heart of the green brigade while the Golf GTI is well balanced and polished performer. The Golf R is for the performance hungry.

No.2 2011 Chevrolet Volt

The Volt is a departure from electric cars which have limited range. It goes 380 miles on a single charge and this will once for all silence the critics of short-ranged electric vehicles.

chevrolet volt

The design and the driving characteristics of the vehicle are also very different from conventional electric vehicles.

No.1 2011 BMW 1 Series M

If you love the M3 then you would definitely like the 1 Series. It will be no intense than its big brother and every bit of the $47,010 you spend on it will be worth it. It will be landing here in May next.

2011 bmw 1 series m

It is powered by a 335 horsepower twin-turbo engine with 332 lb/ft of torque. It is the top small on this list and worthy alternative to the M3.

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