Top 10 Stress Killers

We live in a world obsessed with deadlines. People tax themselves with too much work and they try to finish it as fast as possible not compromising on the quality.

The need to do everything perfectly and on time causes stress. While it is a good thing to be a perfectionist and submit only the best work, it is also important to take a break once in a while.

The breather would not have to be a long vacation; it could be as simple as ten minutes without activity. Stress could kill so it is a better idea to kill it first.

List of The Top 10 Stress Killers


Meditation has to be top of the list as one of the top 10 stress killers. Meditation does not have to be elaborate and take a lot of time.

You can mediate sitting on your office desk. All you need to do is close your eyes and concentrate on an object that relieves you or just be aware of your breathing.

Tidy Up

This could in a sense cause stress to you as well, but it has been found time and again that uncluttered space gives you peace of mind.

Tidy Up

If you have your work desk cluttered with things to do or if your home is not tidy, you will never feel peaceful. De-clutter and you will immediately feel better.


Yoga has been a stress reliever for hundreds of years and it must have something right to have lasted this long. Yoga reduces mental stress.


Yoga also helps you relax different parts of your body like your neck and back so that you feel rejuvenated after the session.


Go for a walk or run at a pace that suits you. Exercising produces chemicals in the body that help you relax and relieve stress so get your shoes on and get out.

Try Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of exercise that has slow movements but you need to have a lot of balance to do it correctly. It is a martial art form that has been found to relieve stress as well and calm the mind to a great extent.

Tai Chi

Cut the Coffee

You may think that the world will stop if you do not get your cup of coffee, but it wont and you will not either. Cut out the caffeine overdose and that would be a stress buster in itself.

ways to reduce stress

Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep sits on top of the list of the top 10 stress busters. Sleep for at least 7 hours and experience the change.

Listen to Music

It has been found that listening to your favorite music is a sure shot way of calming you down.

Listen to Music

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Sex is another great stress buster. The release of chemicals during and after sex leave no place for stress in your body.

sex for reducing stress

Go On a Holiday

If you have been feeling stressed continuously for a rather unhealthy period of time, its time to get out and relax.

Top 10 Stress

Plan a holiday without cell phones and your laptop and you will come back feeling better than ever.

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