Top 10 Tips For Better Sex

Sex is all about learning the best tricks, positions and methods to give and receive the most blissful state of orgasmic rupture. Art of sex comes naturally to every man and woman but certain tips can definitely enhance your experience of having sex with your partner. Sex should bring a new meaning every time and should never become stale. The following tips will guide you on how to achieve the most out of your sexual experiences by making each a memorable chapter.

10 Best Tips For Better Sex

Build And Maintain Romance

Sex is not an independent activity as it involves the mental compatibility between partners which develop through love, romance and intimacy.

Top 10 Tips For Better Sex

Even in your daily busy schedule try and maintain romance by touching your partner or kissing her before leaving for work or spending quality time whenever possible. This creates a craving for each other which definitely finds expression through hot lovemaking and sex which can be immensely pleasurable.

Create The Ambience

Sex is an art and art is appreciated through aesthetics. In your own way create a romantic ambience which doesn’t have to be expensive. Just use dim lights, a romantic music, a comfortable environment and a sweet room spray. You may consider having a bath together or a candle lit dinner.

Be Appealing Through Personal Hygiene And Grooming

Top 10 Tips For Better Sex

Be clean and maintain proper grooming. It’s important to make yourself appealing to your partner so that she feels attracted towards you which will make the adrenaline rush within her.

Importance Of Smelling Good

Smell is an important aspect of sex therefore you should ensure that you smell good before you plan a sexual session. Use a good men’s perfume or cologne which will make you appealing to your woman.

Role Plays And Sex Games

Role play is an exciting way to initiate sex and make it an adventurous and thrilling experience. You can give way to your wildest fantasies through sex games and untamed imaginations.

Top 10 Tips For Better Sex

In no time you will be engrossed in a hot sexual session. Your partner will find you interesting and there will be no scope of boredom creeping in.

Body Massage

Giving body massage to each other can be greatly relaxing, enjoyable and a way to enjoy each other’s touch. Sex can be most enjoyable when you are relaxed and stress free which can be achieved through body massage.


Foreplay has a great role in making your sexual session a long, enjoyable session. Foreplay prepares you and your partner’s body through several love making activities like kissing, hugging, caressing and playing with each other thereby building up passion, intimacy and adrenaline momentum.

Top 10 Tips For Better Sex

Foreplay paves the way naturally for sex to follow by making you and your partner secrete lubricating fluids which make penetration easy and enjoyable.

Learn New Things

Sex is a never ending experience. It is always more enjoyable when you allow yourself to learn new methods and positions to achieve sexual bliss.

Dirty Talk

Top 10 Tips For Better Sex

Indulge in dirty talk and see how it creates the spark! When you talk erotic it sends impulses to your brain creating various sensations and images for which you begin to crave for thereby preparing you both to have great sex.

Use Imagination And New Sex Positions

Use imagination and creativity to try new sex positions and you may find pleasures hitherto unknown to you!