Top 4 Unreasonable Business Strategies For 2012

Unreasonable Business Strategies For 2012 There are several business strategies for 2012 that might sound unreasonable in the first glance, but if you implement the same correctly, they can actually bring great results. Following is a brief rundown on some of those unreasonable business strategies that can help you build exposure, reduce your expenses and increase your sales revenues.

Unreasonable Business Strategies For 2012

Try Doing Opposite Of What Your Competitors Are Doing

Do not always copy your competitors. In fact, when you do opposite of what your competitors are doing, your customers are very much likely to get attracted to you because you are doing things differently. Obviously, you will have to convince your target customers why this different strategy of yours is better than the ones used by your competitors.

For example, if most of your competitors are offering multiple choices for consumers regarding something related to the products or services they are interested in, you can consider offering just one or two choices. You can then convince the customers that it makes more sense because it is simpler, time saving and have greater features.

Do Not Reduce Your Prices To Make Your Offer Look More Attractive

If you want to make your offer look more attractive than your competitors’, a wiser strategy is to improve the quality of your products and to add new features without changing the price tag. A large segment of customers these days look for quality products than the ones that come cheap.

They do not want to compromise with the quality factor. This way, when you focus more on improving quality and features, you can attract more customers. On the other hand, when you reduce the price just to make your offers look more competitive, it may eventually prove to be a big turn off for a large number of your target customers because they will now look at your products with suspicion.

Business Strategies For 2012

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But yes, if price is really an issue, you can lower the price tag, but do it only after eliminating some features. The idea is to justify why you are reducing or not reducing your price tags. You cannot change the price tags just to make things more competitive. Such strategies create suspicion in consumers’ head.

Implement Strategies To Bring Your Former Clients Back On Board

Bringing new clients to your business takes a lot of efforts and time, but it is a lot much easier to bring a former client back on board. Contact them individually, schedule an appointment with them, and when you meet them, tell them about your latest offers and how it can benefit them.

To make things more attractive and impressive, give them a free sample. Keep in touch with them. Meet them daily, on all business days; just make sure you have a little something new to say every time you meet them. If you follow this strategy correctly, you can bring many of your former clients back on your roster within a matter of just a couple of weeks.

Establish Yourself As An Expert With An Attitude

The world has changed. If you are trying to be very ‘nicey-nicey’, you will be treated as a jerk. Therefore, you should try to establish yourself as a smart entrepreneur who is an expert in his or her chosen niche and has an attitude as well. Do not meet with media persons without an appointment.

Media loves an appointed expert and hates the one who is easily available every time as if he or she has nothing else to do. Overall, if you are planning to establish yourself as a serious and successful entrepreneur, implementing the above strategies can give you a winning edge over your competitors.

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