Top 5 Foods That Contain Caffeine

 Foods That Contain Caffeine Caffeine is a compound which has a very stimulating effect on the central nervous system of the human body. It is present in tea and coffee. Apart from these two sources, it is present in several other plants as well. Caffeine is beneficial for the body as it helps the person to stay alert for several hours.

It also helps to provide the person with sufficient energy. Caffeine can also have a negative effect on the body if it is consumed in large amounts. People who consume too much caffeine are often very restless and suffer from severe anxiety. In severe cases, the person can even suffer from an elevated heartbeat rate as well.

Many people get addicted to caffeine if they consume too much of it on a regular basis. This leads to several complications in various parts of the body. It then becomes very difficult to break free from such an addiction. It is important to be aware about the caffeine content in various foods as this helps the person to know how much of caffeine is being consumed by him on a daily basis.

Top 5 Foods That Contain Caffeine

Kola Nuts

These nuts are extremely popular in certain parts of the world. They are used for several purposes although most people use them to add flavour to food items. Spices are also prepared from them.

These nuts contain significant amounts of caffeine and this must be kept in mind by those who want to avoid consuming too much of this compound. Kola nuts can be substituted by other artificial flavouring agents. These artificial agents are devoid of any caffeine.


Chocolates contain proper amounts of caffeine in them. This is because they are made from cocoa beans which are known for their high levels of caffeine. When these beans are processed, chocolate is obtained. The caffeine content in dark chocolate is much higher than that of ordinary sweet chocolate. People who seek to lower their intake of caffeine must avoid chocolate as far as possible.


Coffee is also a very common source of caffeine. Every variety of coffee contains a significant amount of caffeine in it. Coffee is consumed by people who need to stay alert throughout the day or night. It is a very effective stimulant due to the high levels of caffeine present in it. If you find yourself anxious and irritable, you must reduce your consumption of coffee, especially at night.

Certain Medicines

Caffeine is often added to medicines which are supposed to keep you alert. People who suffer from drowsiness are often given such medicines.

If you notice symptoms such as irritability, anxiousness, restlessness and palpitations after consuming certain medicines, it is important to check for the presence of caffeine in them. These medicines must be stopped after bringing up the matter with your doctor.


Most varieties of tea contain caffeine. However, almost all forms of herbal tea are devoid of caffeine. People who want to go off caffeine can substitute their normal tea with any kind of caffeine-free herbal tea.

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