5 Medications For Male Hair Treatment

 5 Medications For Male Hair Treatment

With latest advances in male hair treatment involving extremely safe and effective ingredients, men’s hair shampoos are now available to repair the hair. Moreover, these treatments work on the hairs with conditions that inhibit the normal growth as well as that cause excess shedding.

These advanced shampoos help in strengthening the protein structure and prevent excessive loss of the follicle. The treatment shampoos are free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which studies reveal can contribute towards hair problems.

Reasons For Hair Loss And Hair Thinning

If we don’t know the reasons to a particular disease,we won’t know how to cure it.There are numerous reasons for hair loss and hair thinning. A few of these reasons are diseases like autoimmune alopecia areata, excessive use of chemicals and dyes,hypothyroidism, hormone imbalances and hereditary.

Experiencing chronic stress may also cause hair loss,due to the immune system being neglected, which damages the overall healthiness of hair and body. The following are the top 5 medications for male hair treatment:

Top 5 Medications For Male Hair Treatment

Minoxidil (Rogaine)

This medication is available over-the-counter, with no prescription required. This medication works best over the crown, lesser over the frontal region. It is available as a 5 % solution,4 % solution, 2 % solution as well as a new mousse or foam preparation for extra strength.


It grows hair and holds strong onto the hair.Using it is easy. You need to apply it once on a daily basis. Make sure you avoid the usage over the neck or face,as this might lead to growth of hair in such areas.

Finasteride (Propecia)

An FDA approved medication.This is perfect for men who suffer from androgenic hair loss. It comes under 5-alpha reductase inhibitor medications. It assists in reducing hair loss by stopping the action of hormones in hair follicles.A lower-dose version, Propecia assists in shrinking enlarged prostates in older and middle aged men.


Usage Of Propecia

1 mg tablet of Propecia is available by recommendation from a physician and should be consumed once a day.

use of propecia

It assists in thickening hair and helps them grow.Researches show that Propecia works well in male hair treatment. It should be consumed for at least 12 months to get effective results.This medication is best for people who want to regrow their hair.

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Hair Shampoos As Part Of Male Hair Treatment

If used regularly,hair shampoos work best to restore hair growth.It replenishes damaged hair with amino acids and vital nutrients, moisturizing scalp and deep-cleansing roots and follicles of hair. Additionally,

head & shoulder shampoo

Hair loss shampoos utilize anti-DHT agents which prevent testosterone from combining with an enzyme called 5a-reductase. This is the reason why most men suffer from horseshoe baldness.

Use Saw-Palmetto Berry And Other Such Ingredients

Ingredients that contribute towards restoring normal scalp are Saw-palmetto berry extract, Biotin, Folic acid, Panthenol, Zinc and Niacin.These ingredients are included in shampoos that help reduce hair loss.


Additionally, they enhance moisture content in hair,promote hair’s protein complex, increases luster and thickness, eliminate detrimental scalp conditions as well as to prevent miniaturization.Pick the right one and make sure you read the labels before you purchase them.