Top 5 Resistance Band Workouts

Resistance Band Workouts There are plenty of workout programs which we can do everyday. They can be done without any hassle. It is not necessary that your workout should only be restricted to the gym.

You can purchase equipments which can help you to exercise at home also. Resistance bands are one of these gym equipments that can either be used in the gym or in the house. They are long elastic bands which can be used while doing any type of workout. They are extremely helpful in shedding all those extra kilos.

These bands can help in making your body toned and firm. When combined with another exercise, these bands can show some great results. So for all those resistance band lovers out there, check out these top 5 resistance band workouts mentioned below.

Top 5 Resistance Band Workouts

Bicep Ringlets

Hold both the handles in each hand. Now spread your legs apart, approximately of shoulder size and press the band beneath your feet. Stretch your legs out and bend your knees slightly to get a straight back.

Now pull the band up and down until you start feeling its effect.  Make sure that you do it in slow motion so that all the muscles get equal attention.

Vertical Row

Use your left and right hands to hold the band. Open your legs and keep them wide apart. You can also make the distance equivalent to your shoulders. Bring both your hands down.

5 Resistance Band Workouts

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Now slowly take them upward using resistance band. Your writs should be till your chest when you take it up. The arm joint has to be pointed and in the air.

Shoulder Exercise

Clutch every lever with your right and left hand. Your left foot should be on the band right in the middle of your feet. Now step across the band and this should be done by your right leg or foot. Now pull the arms and make an angle of ninety degree. The wrists must be kept straight and the band should be behind both arms.

V shaped Exercise

This is called as the v shaped exercise simply because it makes a v pattern. You have to attach the band from the middle into a nail. Ensure that it is equal to the distance of your shoulder.

V shaped Exercise

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The point should be fixed right in the middle. Now hold the handles and bend your knees. Keep the back straight and now start pulling it back and forth. This will strengthen your arms and give you the perfect straight posture.

Standing Triceps

Attach the band on the wall. Ensure that you have combined the handles so that it becomes a single bar. After you attach the band, now pull it down with your hands. It should be pulled only till the chest. Make sure that the back is straight and both your hands are on the handle. It is absolutely perfect for chest and back.

Hence, these were a few resistance band workouts for everyone. They are an absolute delight when done in the right manner.

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