Top 5 Ways To Increase Sexual Stamina

 Increase Sexual Stamina Low sexual stamina and decreased sexual drive is a predominant problem among many men across the world. There are multiple factors that result in decreased sexual drive in men but these problems can be cured just by taking few basic steps.

Problem with sexual function often has greater psychological implications on men as it causes low self-esteem as well as relationship issues. So, are you looking for ways to enhance your sexual stamina and make yourself last longer in the bed? Well, no need to worry any further as here is a list of tips that would help you increase your sexual stamina as well as sex drive.

How To Increase Sexual Stamina

Have proper diet

A proper and balanced diet would not only help you to stay fit and healthy but would also boost your sexual performance. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, low fat diary products and protein rich sources in your diet to provide an impetus to your sexual stamina. The lack of requisite nutrients in the body results in low sex drive as well as a variety of other sexual problems.


Apart from helping you stay healthy by shedding the additional calories, exercising also plays a pivotal role in improving your sexual health while enhancing your sexual stamina to a large extent.

Exercising on a regular basis contributes in better blood circulation and also enhances the level of hormones such as testosterone in the body which boosts sexual health and virility. In order to get the best results, you should exercise for at least 4-5 times every week.

Ward off Stress

Stress and anxiety have a detrimental effect on the body and often lead to low sexual drive as well as decreased sexual stamina. Try to stay calm and avoid getting stressed as much as possible in a bid to keep your sexual health absolutely fit.

Try practicing breathing exercises, yoga or meditation, whichever you think would be helpful in keeping stress at bay.

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Include Garlic and Avocado in The Diet

Consuming adequate amount of garlic in the diet would help you in increasing sexual stamina as it is a rich source of allicin which encourages the blood flow in the penis and results in a strong and prolonged erection.

You could add garlic while cooking or sprinkle an adequate amount of it on your food. Meanwhile, including avocados is also important as they regulate the activity of the hormones which in turn, promotes sexual health and increases sexual stamina.

You should also include blueberries in your diet as they are rich sources of vitamins and other nutrients that boost sexual health.

Control your Breathing During Sex

An important step to enhance your sexual stamina is having a grip over your breathing while having sex. During sex, your body tends to get tense while the breathing also gets very heavy which often leads to a decrease in your stamina. So, try to breathe slowly and deeply during sex as this would help you prolong your sexual performance.

These tips would not only increase your stamina but it would also help you make yourself healthier. As your health improves, you will have a lot more energy and the action under the sheets is likely to be all the more passionate.

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